December 18, 2011

Our Holiday Card

So I totally wasn't going to send out Christmas cards this year for a bunch of reasons.  Eggy appah's camera is busted.  I'm too lazy.  And we're too cheap.  BUT!  I was able to get it done at Costco for super cheap and super quick so I present to you....
Why yes, that is Mr. Fast and Furious.  Do you like our coordinating outfits?  Yes, we totally planned that.
I know.  Sometimes, I have too much time on my hands.  But tell me you're not jealous.  Sigh, he was totally my white boy crush during college.  Can you tell how close I was trying to get to him (see how squished cozy Eggy looks)?
Anyway, I told Eggy that we were going to take a picture with her new daddy.  Later, when I was looking at the picture again, Eggy says, "Look!  It's Eggy, umma, and new daddy."
Then, before bedtime, Eggy was playing with her dad.  She has this new game where she calls him an ugly triceratops.  (I may have given her that idea.  How was I to know that it would stick?!)  So I asked her if she thought her appah was handsome or ugly.  "Ugly!"  Oh well, that's not very nice.  Okay, how about new daddy?  Is he handsome or ugly?  "Handsome!"  Girl knows what she likes.

December 16, 2011

Baby Names

Eggy appah and I are trying to come up with names for Baby Dos.  Boy names are hard!  Of course, I had like three names picked out if it had been a girl.
Anyway, for fun, I've been asking Eggy what she wants to name her brother.  Do not ask a two year old for advice on baby names!  At first, she would just say random things.  She even wanted to call him Bacon at one point.  But now she's found a name and it's sticking.  Eggy wants to name the baby Christopher after Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh.  I didn't even know she liked Christopher Robin, much less knew who he was.  I like the name and I like that she picked it out but I feel like Christopher is kind of long.  That's a lot of letters.  No, I don't want to call him Chris.  Plus, the hubs has a cousin named Chris.  We tried to make other suggestions but she keeps insisting, "No!  Christopher!!" Sometimes, it's Christopher Bacon.  lol.
I guess we'll see.  At least she didn't want to name him Eeyore (or Ee-ho as she says it).

December 15, 2011

My kid is cooler than me

We already know that Eggy is a better dancer than me.
And even though I'm the one dressing her, she's got cuter clothes.  She can wear things that I just wouldn't be able to pull off.
Waiting in line for Santa
She still loves to sing but now she's moved on to hipper material.  
Okay, so it's not like the coolest song ever but it's still pretty cool for a two year old.  She also recognized Adele's Someone Like You on the radio.  But don't worry, I'm not making her listen to anything too mature.  (Okay, maybe she might have heard a few Rihanna songs but definitely no videos!)  She still enjoys the age appropriate songs though too.  
And just as a bonus because Christmas is only ten days away, here's a video of Eggy, reenacting the boat scene from Tangled that I mentioned before.   

December 2, 2011

It's a...

November 17, 2011

Sons vs. Daughters

Since we were supposed to find out the baby's gender last week, the topic has been on my mind a lot lately.  Too bad the little stinker wouldn't cooperate and show us the goods.
Anyway, before I had kids, I would have said my ideal number of kids was two, one boy and one girl, the boy being first.  I think a lot of people probably think that way.  It's like having a complete set or something.  Obviously, I did not end up with a son first.  When they announced that it was a girl, I was too preoccupied with making sure that she was okay (remember, I had had an emergency c-section) to really think about the gender.  Without all that drama, would I have been disappointed?  Or just excited to finally meet the little one?  I guess it doesn't matter because she was mine and I've loved her ever since.  
Now I can't imagine anything different.  How glad I am that Eggy turned out to be a girl!  Girl clothes are so much cuter!  (Sorry but boy clothes are only cute up to a certain age and I'm not really into puppies or monkeys or dinosaurs.)  And I've never been surprised with a stream of urine to the face during a diaper change.  So this time, I want another girl. I really really really want Eggy to have a sister.  I have a sister so I want Eggy to have that same kind of relationship with her sibling, fights and all.  And of course I'd get to recycle all of Eggy's old clothes again and buy even more cute clothes!
But here's the biggest thing.  What's that saying?  A son is a son until he gets married but a daughter is a daughter forever.  It's totally true.  If I have a son, he'll grow up, get married, and have his own family.  His wife will be #1 in his life as it should be and I'll be the mother-in-law.  (My own mother-in-law is great and the hubs has a good relationship with her but what if I turn into that psycho mother-in-law?)  But your daughter will always stay with you.  When she has her family, she'll probably need you more even.  I know that once I had Eggy, I grew closer to my mom because I felt I had a better understanding of her and a much greater appreciation for everything she's done for me.   

I must sound really selfish and petty.  After all, if I had had a son first, I'd probably be saying something totally different.  Most of our friends have boys and they're all so adorable.  I should just be glad that I'm pregnant with a healthy (so far, knock on wood) baby, no matter what the gender.  And I am.  And I'm sure I'll be excited and thrilled when the baby is finally here, boy or girl, but I can't help hoping and wishing.  At least, I already have one girl and she really is the bestest.  I don't know what I'd do if I had two (or more) sons.  No offense to moms of only boys.  You guys are the toughest moms I know; I just don't think I could be that tough.  
I also think because Eggy was a relatively easy baby (even now, she's so good!) that I'm hoping the second one, if it's a girl, will be similar.  But I don't think we can be that lucky twice.  If the first one is good, the second one has to be high maintenance, right?  Maybe I'm not just hoping for another girl but Eggy 2.0.  
I'm pretty sure I just jinxed myself with a colicky, high maintenance, fussy baby boy who will pee on me every chance he gets because of all my complaining.  The universe is just waiting to give me a bitch slap.  Actually, I just need to read this and I'll hit myself for being such a whiner.  Then, I'll go give Eggy a big hug. 

November 15, 2011

Conversations on the potty

Eggy (pooping):  (PLOP! splash!) A big one, like appah. (plop) Little one, like Eggy.  
A little bit later...
Eggy:  (Plop!)  That's you, umma!  I make it for you!  
Me:  Uhh, thanks....  
She knows what big and little mean but I really should teach her about medium size.  I don't like being compared to poop.  

Also, while Eggy poops, she likes to hold my hands.  For support?  I think she needs the help to brace herself.  Anyway, so she's pooping and holding both my hands and she says, "We're in a boat.  Like Rapunzel.  (She's talking about this scene.)  Sing the song, umma."
So, yes, we sang the song together.  
It's really cute when she does it with her dad.  Of course, he doesn't have to do it when she's on the toilet.  Instead, they sit on the changing pad together which is their "boat" and they sing it.  Except he doesn't know the words so she makes me sing it with her while I'm off on the side.  I get to be Pascal the chameleon while she's Rapunzel and her dad is Flynn Rider.  At the end of the song, she gives him a kiss.    I get nothing.  Except to smell her poop fumes.  

November 10, 2011

Daddy's a sucker

We stopped by Nordstrom last night after dinner because Eggy likes to get a balloon from the kids' shoe department.  While we were there, I made her try on some Ugg boots.  I don't know if she was more excited about the shoes or the balloon.  
Anyway, so I wasn't ready to buy them yet.  One - they're pretty expensive, especially since she'll only wear them for such a short time before she outgrows them.  And two - I wanted to wait to see if we're having another girl (we find out tomorrow!) before I buy more things for Eggy.  If Eggy's getting a sister, then I don't feel as guilty as buying as much clothes as I want because it will all get handed down anyway.  But if it's a boy, then I'm going to have to buy all new clothes again.  That means $$$$$.
Well, Eggy appah, who really doesn't want me spending money wants us to save more, could not resist and insisted we get them right away.  She ended up wearing them out the store.  Luckily, my parents said they would buy them for her for Christmas.  Merry early Christmas to Eggy!
I'm kind of jealous because I kind of wanted a pair for myself.  Although I'm sure that I would not look this cute.  

November 8, 2011

Dirty Look

We should be teaching Eggy Chinese since China will inevitably rule the world one day but so far, she seems to be connecting more with her Korean side.
Perfecting the dirty look:

November 1, 2011

Hide and Seek

One of Eggy's favorite games is hide and seek.  It took her a while to learn the concept of hiding.  She'd make us count but run out when we got to ten.  She liked to do the hiding and the seeking.
Now she knows to stay hidden until we find her.  Of course, we have to put in a lot of effort to look for her because she is just so darn sneaky and a master of concealment.  Otherwise, she gets mad.

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Eggy loved trick or treating.  Looooved it!  We had been practicing for a little while now so she was so excited to finally wear her costume and go.  
Practicing one more time:

 She had so much fun that she even made up a song about Halloween.  Or trick-or-treating.  Or her candy.  Or being a bird.  Maybe all of the above.  It was hard to understand her.

Ever since Eggy's Eemo told her the story of Little Red Riding Hood and she saw an episode of Max and Ruby where they told their own version of the story, Eggy decided she had to be Little Red Riding Hood.  Like probably even more than a month before.  I thought I'd have at least another year or two where I'd get to choose her costume but she had her mind made up.  
(Side story: She did say she wanted to be a puppy for couple days.  I took her to Target and showed her this costume:  
Oh my goodness, the look on her face was hilarious.  It was like, "What the hell is that?!"  And she said, "That's not cute.  Get me another one."  So then it was back to Red Riding Hood again.)
Anyway, she already said she wants to be a chicken next year.  What?  So random.  

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

October 3, 2011

Two Months Later

Have I really neglected this blog for almost two months?  Oops.

I've been somewhat busy but mostly just lazy.  Because I'm so tired.  So very tired.

Partly because of this one:

but mostly because of this one:

Now that I'm officially in my second trimester, hopefully I'll be getting some of my energy back.  

August 15, 2011

My Little Mermaid

August 11, 2011

Meet Shooby

The newest addition to our family and Eggy's new BFF

It was love at first sight.  She named him herself.  The first night Shooby came home, Eggy was playing with him and throwing him up in the air.  Then, it's like she just realized something.  She holds Shooby up and asks me, "Where's his coochie?"  Hahahahahahahahaha!

Unfortunately, Shooby's deflated quite a bit since we first brought him home.  It might be time for us to send him to the "farm" soon.  :'(

July 29, 2011

Triple Threat

So you already know how much Eggy loves to sing.  I'm not sure what she likes more:  singing or dancing.
Anyway, watch this video first so you know what Eggy's dancing to: (You can probably skip to 1:45ish to get to the song)

Eggy's own choreography to Nobody:

If I want her to be the next Beyonce or Justin Timberlake so that her millions of dollars will take care of the hubby and I in our old age, I guess I should get her to start acting too.  She can definitely fake cry to get what she wants.  Working on other emotions:
Hmm, I wonder if Toddlers & Tiaras is casting.  

PS - Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  Makes a girl feel special.  (And old.)

July 23, 2011

Mommy-1, Daddy-0

Me:  I love you.
Eggy:  Lub you.

Eggy appah:  I love you, Eggy.
Eggy:  Thank you.
Eggy appah:  I love you.  (trying again)
Eggy:  Thank you so much.

Bwahahahahahahaha!  I never even noticed until the hubs pointed it out.  Poor appah.

July 19, 2011

The Eggy Show

It's selfish that only I get to experience the glory and wonder of Eggy's voice every day.  Prepare to be amazed....

Yesterday morning:
Her grand finale:
The dinner show:

July 18, 2011

Beauty Queen

My mom asked Eggy if she was pretty.  Eggy said, "No.  Beautiful."  Wow.  At least she's not lacking in confidence.

Playing with her beauty playset

July 17, 2011

Snack Time

I didn't even know how to eat an artichoke until a few years ago.  Eggy's already a pro.  
I was planning on sharing it with Eggy but she ended up eating the whole thing by herself.  

July 14, 2011

Working It

Eggy, the next Gisele Bundchen...

July 11, 2011

Potty Training: WIN!

It's only been a few days and I might be jinxing it but Eggy is totally rocking at peeing on the potty.

Saturday night - Eggy's hanging out diaperless.  I forget why she wasn't wearing a diaper.  It's probably because Eggy appah had just gotten rid of her soiled diaper and decided not to put a new one on her.  If it had been me, I would have just put a new diaper on.  As it was, I was constantly watching Eggy, telling her not to sit on the sofa or the rug; to sit on her Pororo mat instead.  If she had an accident, it would have been a lot easier to clean the mat.  Anyway, after some time, Eggy says, "Eggy shi-shi," goes and sits down on the potty and PEES!  She did it!  All on her own.  We didn't even have to say anything.  So after she peed, I gave her a gummi bear.  About ten minutes later, she says she has to pee again and she sits on the potty again!  So of course, I give her another gummi bear.  Eggy does this whole little bit of pee-gets a gummi bear routine another two times and that's when I realize my baby is an evil genius.  Okay, not evil but definitely sneaky.  Eggy was letting out her pee a little bit at a time so she could get the maximum amount of gummi bears.  She was totally working the system!  So I told her, "No more.  Make one big peepee.  Let it all out."  At the same time, I was pretty impressed with her bladder control.  It wasn't too long ago where she'd only tell us "pee pee" about half a second before she had pee running down her leg.
Sunday - In the morning, we just hung out at home and Eggy peed in the potty every. single. time.  Not one accident!  One time, she came up to me, told me she had to go, and managed to hold it until we got to the potty.  I still put a diaper on her for her nap though.  In the afternoon, we went to the hubby's uncle's house for his baby boy's one month so Eggy wore a diaper there too.  But when we got back home, she peed in the potty again before her bath.
Today - This morning, I asked Eggy if she wanted to go potty and she said no.  I think she might have even peed in the diaper right before I asked her.  But after a couple minutes, she said she had to go and I put her on the toilet and she peed.  And when we got to my mom's house (I had work), Eggy peed again two more times.  This time, she got m&m's.  Again, no accidents today!  She did poop in her diaper today (right after she woke up from her nap) so she hasn't pooped in the potty yet.

But isn't she doing awesome?  We are so proud.  It's like a switch turned on and she just gets it now.  I'm sure the reward of the candy helps a lot but we used to try bribing her before and she would still refuse.  I wish I could take credit for how well Eggy's doing but I have no idea what changed.  All these months of trying to get her to use the potty and one day, Eggy just decides that she's ready, I guess.  Maybe she was getting tired of wearing a diaper since the weather's been so hot?  It can't be comfortable wearing that.  Whatever it is, I'm pretty excited.  And she looks so cute in her panties (although she seems to prefer being butt nekkid).

July 9, 2011

Pooping is haaard

This is how she gets her M&Ms.  She'll poop in her diaper and ask for M&Ms (or jelly beans or whatever).  I tell her no, she has to poop in the potty to get an M&M.  So she goes and sits on the potty with the poop still in her diaper and says she did it.  Sometimes I give in because I figure at least she sat on the potty.  Who's training who here?

July 7, 2011

Beach Day

Eggy appah had last Thursday off so we went down to Laguna Beach with halmeh in the morning.  It was perfect weather.  I don't think Eggy's been to a beach since we went to Maui last year so I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember what that was like.  But she seemed excited that we were going.

So even though Eggy seemed excited to see the water, she didn't really want to go in.  Which is good because I didn't bring a bathing suit for her.  I don't know if it was because the water was cold or because of the waves, but she didn't really like it.  But she did enjoy playing in the sand.   
Until she brushed the hair out of her face with her sandy hand and got sand in her mouth.  Yuck.  

Normally, I don't really like the beach.  I just like to look at it but I don't like being IN it.  Too much sand everywhere.  But this was a really nice beach, really clean, and I think we'll be bringing Eggy back again this summer.  She's already asked me to go to the beach a few times.

July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day!
We went over to the hub's aunt's house where fireworks are legal.  Eggy had so much fun, running around, playing with her aunties (cousins?  I guess the technical term is first cousins once removed), and eating popsicles.
Eggy and O are almost 4 months apart.  Cute, no?  Don't let the above picture fool you.  They look like they're BFFs but Eggy must still be upset about the smackdown last year.  Even though O was quite affectionate and gave Eggy lots of hugs, Eggy wasn't ready to forgive.  And when O tried to give Eggy a kiss, Eggy leaned away.
  I guess Eggy had a good reason to be wary though because this picture?  
This is right before O punked Eggy and forced her out of the car.  Not only that, she also stole Eggy's corn on the cob that Eggy appah was feeding her.  

Anyway, Eggy loved the fireworks.  It was the first year where she was actually aware of all the excitement.  And she wasn't scared of the loud noises either.  Maybe because she was used to seeing the fireworks at Disneyland?  
It wasn't enough that Eggy was clapping.  She made sure everyone around her would clap too:  me, her dad, GooGoo.  Bossy.  
We didn't end up staying till the end.  Once the tree caught fire, it was time to go!  (It was a very very small fire.  But then I found out the neighbor's house really caught on fire.  Yikes!)  Plus, Eggy was getting tired and she even said she wanted to go home.  
And when she woke up this morning, the first thing she talked about were the fireworks and the "sprinklers" (sparklers).  

June 28, 2011

I love this face

omg, I just realized she's giving the finger, lol!
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