December 18, 2011

Our Holiday Card

So I totally wasn't going to send out Christmas cards this year for a bunch of reasons.  Eggy appah's camera is busted.  I'm too lazy.  And we're too cheap.  BUT!  I was able to get it done at Costco for super cheap and super quick so I present to you....
Why yes, that is Mr. Fast and Furious.  Do you like our coordinating outfits?  Yes, we totally planned that.
I know.  Sometimes, I have too much time on my hands.  But tell me you're not jealous.  Sigh, he was totally my white boy crush during college.  Can you tell how close I was trying to get to him (see how squished cozy Eggy looks)?
Anyway, I told Eggy that we were going to take a picture with her new daddy.  Later, when I was looking at the picture again, Eggy says, "Look!  It's Eggy, umma, and new daddy."
Then, before bedtime, Eggy was playing with her dad.  She has this new game where she calls him an ugly triceratops.  (I may have given her that idea.  How was I to know that it would stick?!)  So I asked her if she thought her appah was handsome or ugly.  "Ugly!"  Oh well, that's not very nice.  Okay, how about new daddy?  Is he handsome or ugly?  "Handsome!"  Girl knows what she likes.


Lazy For You said...

omg!!! That is tooo funny!!! I LOVE IT!!! Your family has a nice car, too. LOL!

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