February 22, 2013

Eggy is a Ham

So unflattering but they make me laugh.  She'll probably be kill me when she's older.  

February 16, 2013

Bacon is 10 Months!

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 18lbs., 5oz.
Head Circumference: 18.5 inches
Bacon hasn't grown very much.  He dropped down to like 5-10th percentile for weight.  I was really surprised.  He feels heavy to me.  He eats so much!  Maybe because he's always on the move?  Or maybe he just poops it all out?  Boy used to poop 4 times a day sometimes!  Maybe I should start feeding him McDonald's instead.  
Speaking of food, it seems like Bacon is getting pickier.  He's still a pretty good eater but he wants to eat what we're eating now too.  Today, my mom was feeding him some pureed rice and vegetables but he kept pushing it away and looking at Eggy's plate instead.  Never mind that his food and her food were basically the same; just that his was pureed.  So my mom gave him a little piece of bok choy which he gobbled up.  So she fed him his puree, pretending that she got it from the plate of vegetables.  Then, he would eat it.  But the fatty really loves food.    

No new teeth but I think he's teething again.  

I just started a new job so things have been really hectic.  And I was doing fill in work last week too so I didn't get home most nights until after 7pm so I feel like I hardly got to see my little pork chop.  It wasn't until the day after that I realized it was Bacon's monthday.  Excuses, excuses....

Poor Bacon had yet another cold but this time, he was coughing too.  It's so sad to hear your little one coughing during the night and not be able to do anything.  He's doing better now thankfully.

Bacon is finally understanding us!  We have communication!  He definitely understands "no" because when he reaches for something he shouldn't, he whine-cries when we say, "no!"  And when I say something in a stern voice, he'll cry then too.
But his favorite word is mamma which means food in Korean.  Sometimes he says it but I don't think he's really using the word.
He can do mahn-sae.
And dori dori.
 He can clap.

He likes to copy us, especially Eggy.  He'll blow raspberries.  He makes kissing noises when you say ppo ppo.  He gives "hugs" by laying his head down.  He bows when we say thank you.  He makes a funny face when we say silly face.  Sometimes, during dinner, he'll try to do everything at once.

I love watching Eggy and Bacon interact.  My heart just melts and it makes me sooo happy that we had two kids.
But of course, they're also "fighting" too.  Already.  Sigh.
In this video, Eggy was having a tea party and I suggested that she share with her brother and give him a cup which she grudgingly did.  But he'd say, "mamamamama" and put the cup in his mouth and she'd yell at him, "NO MAMAMAMA!"  I think Bacon thought it was a game.  
But don't worry.  Bacon doesn't really let himself be bullied.  When he was younger and Eggy would take away his toy, he'd just kind of go do something else.  But now?  He'll yell back at her and chase after her.   It's kind of funny.  
And Eggy appah is convinced that Bacon is going to grow up to be a mean bully.  
He's a fast crawler and really good at pulling himself up to standing.  And he's starting to cruise around while holding onto the couch.  There were a couple times that we thought he was going to try to stand on his own.
But when we'd try to get him to stand or walk while holding out hands, he'll just drop down to crawl instead.  Fine by me.  I remember always having to walk hunched over while holding on to Eggy's hands when she was learning to walk.

I've started planning for Bacon's dohl.  It's less than two months away.  And I'm dreading planning it.  I just feel like I don't have the energy.  I know he won't care about his birthday but I would still feel guilty if I didn't make it a little bit of a big deal, especially since Eggy had a big party.  I wish I could just hire someone to do all the work for me.  Any volunteers?  
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