June 28, 2010

More Deliciousness

Want to know the secret to Eggy's baby soft skin?  It's spaghetti sauce!

This was probably the first meal where all three of us were eating together at the same time (without someone else feeding Eggy).  It was nice.  The hubs and I could actually enjoy our meal.  And I think Eggy liked it too.  

June 26, 2010


Eggy loves drinking from a cup but she hasn't quite mastered it yet. She also loves the straw. Even though she has her own sippy cup, she always wants to drink from our cups instead.
Since it's been so warm lately (and I didn't have any watermelon around - her fruit of choice), I made her a smoothie. Because I am such a masochist, I let her hold the cup.
At first, she started with a straw.
I guess she got tired of that though because she just tossed the straw out and got down to business.
I think she liked it.

Eggy is such a good helper.

If it had been anyone else that let Eggy make that mess (ahem, Eggy appah), I probably would have been pissed but only because I'm the one who has to do her laundry.
I know some of you are probably cringing at the mess but I couldn't help it. Normally, I hate when she gets all sticky and gross but I wanted to see what she would do. Plus, she's got to learn how to feed herself somehow, right? I guess that means more laundry in my future.

June 24, 2010

World Cup Fever

My parents, especially my mom, are in full World Cup mode. They've even gotten up to watch Korea play at 4:30AM! And I find myself getting into it too, yelling when someone scores. How could I not when my mom's watching it all day? So it should be no surprise that Eggy's picked up a new "trick" from halmeh.
Okay, so it looks more like touchdown but it's still funny.

And of course, all Koreans know this cheer so it's only right that Eggy learns too. It's never too early.

Yay to Korea and the US for making it to the knockout stage! Fighting!

They're here!

We got our pictures! I loves them a lot a lot.
I don't think I can post the pictures without the photographer's permission or credit. I don't want to link the photographer's blog either because it's got our names on it.
So for privacy's sake, email me if you want the link.

Body Parts

Oh my gosh, it took me like forever and a day to finally get this on video. Why? Because every time I take out the camera, girlfriend wants it. And not just to hold it or play with it. She wants to watch the videos on it. Videos of herself. My child is conceited. So if I take out a second camera, she wants that one too. And she won't do whatever it was that I wanted to record in the first place.
This time though, I think I outsmarted her. She actually let me shoot her for a while.

I still have a lot more things I want to get on camera IF I can stay one step ahead of Eggy. I think it's a losing battle though. We'll see....

June 21, 2010

Miss Manners

June 20, 2010

Team Daddy

It used to be all about mommy but lately, Eggy's favorite person is her daddy. Traitor.

If I put my head on the hubby's shoulder while he's holding her, she pushes my face away and lays her own head down. Jerk. (But she does this when Eemoh's holding her too.)
That's okay, I don't mind. I love their special relationship and seeing them play together. Such a daddy's girl. I couldn't have asked for a better father for Eggy. Happy Father's Day, Eggy appah! We loves you mucho!

Eggy's present to appah:

June 12, 2010

My little Picasso

Remember how Eggy picked the markers during the doljabi at her party? That means she's going to be artistic. So we got her some markers to get her started.
I'd say her work would fall in the abstract art category.  Although she's a pretty good pointillist too (i.e. stabbing the marker into the paper).  Freaking genius, I'm telling you.
You cannot contain all this talent on just one sheet of paper.  
Yay for washable markers.

So this creative brilliance lasted about 3 minutes (around the time I started eating an ice cream sandwich).  How can you be so easily distracted, Eggy?  Tsk tsk.  We're going to have to work on your discipline.  

June 11, 2010

Let me see your teef!

Eggy had her first visit to the dentist today! We really should have taken her when she got her first tooth, like 8 months ago. She's already got like twelve. Whoops. Anyway, she did really good.
Even though the office was super kid friendly with all kinds of toys and stuff, Eggy stayed close.
Eyeing the dental assistant.
Brusha brusha brusha!
She didn't like it but she didn't cry. Probably because she's used to us brushing her teeth.
Well, she fake cried a little when the dentist had to check her teeth but I think she just didn't like the light in her face.

Getting to pick a toy afterwards.
Hopefully, she'll do just as well on her next check-up in 6 months.

June 3, 2010

Beep beep

Eggy is so very special.

June 2, 2010

I'm still laughing

Even though it's been a few days, Eggy's hair cut still cracks me up. How can it not? Look at this face!

At first, it reminded me of my own bowl cut when I was young.
Then, I remembered this picture of Eggy appah.
Side by side comparison:
They're like mirror images of each other, down to the little crooked cut over their right/left eyebrows.

Are there any Asians who didn't have this hairstyle when they were a kid?

When the hubs came home from work yesterday, you know what he said to Eggy?

"Hey, Lego Head!"

Helping the economy

June 1, 2010

Happy 14 Months!

Holy moly! My baby's getting so big! Duh, I know, that's what babies do. But it's just so much more obvious this month.

Eggy isn't talking yet. There's a few words that she'll say (umma, appah, mamma, gah) but I don't know if those words are exclusive because she calls a lot of things umma. It is frustrating to not always know what she wants. She points a lot and goes "eh eh eh." And she's started to grab our hand and pull you to where she wants to go. Bossy.

We moved Eggy to a forward facing car seat. I think she likes it better this way because now there are more things to look at than the back of the seat.

Her first molars on the bottom have cut through. Now maybe she'll chew her food better instead of just swallowing after three bites. She's already eating pretty much everything we eat. Just the other day, I even gave her kimchee. (I rinsed it off first.) She seemed to enjoy it. Something else that likes to eat? Corn! She attacks that thing like she's a shark or something.

Isn't it funny you don't realize how time passes you by until you see how much everyone else around you has changed or grown? You know, like when you hear that your little cousin is already graduating from college when you thought he was only in high school. It's kind of like that with Eggy. I've been used to Eggy being the youngest of the babies I knew but now all of a sudden, she's like one of the oldest! Last weekend, we were at dinner with a few friends which included a 4 month old, a 6 week old, and a prego (@ 20 weeks). Wha? When did that happen?! I feel so old!
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