June 1, 2010

Happy 14 Months!

Holy moly! My baby's getting so big! Duh, I know, that's what babies do. But it's just so much more obvious this month.

Eggy isn't talking yet. There's a few words that she'll say (umma, appah, mamma, gah) but I don't know if those words are exclusive because she calls a lot of things umma. It is frustrating to not always know what she wants. She points a lot and goes "eh eh eh." And she's started to grab our hand and pull you to where she wants to go. Bossy.

We moved Eggy to a forward facing car seat. I think she likes it better this way because now there are more things to look at than the back of the seat.

Her first molars on the bottom have cut through. Now maybe she'll chew her food better instead of just swallowing after three bites. She's already eating pretty much everything we eat. Just the other day, I even gave her kimchee. (I rinsed it off first.) She seemed to enjoy it. Something else that likes to eat? Corn! She attacks that thing like she's a shark or something.

Isn't it funny you don't realize how time passes you by until you see how much everyone else around you has changed or grown? You know, like when you hear that your little cousin is already graduating from college when you thought he was only in high school. It's kind of like that with Eggy. I've been used to Eggy being the youngest of the babies I knew but now all of a sudden, she's like one of the oldest! Last weekend, we were at dinner with a few friends which included a 4 month old, a 6 week old, and a prego (@ 20 weeks). Wha? When did that happen?! I feel so old!


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