December 22, 2012

Bacon is 8 Months! (and 2 weeks!)

I know, I know.  I'm so behind.  Sorry, Bacon.  I still love you!  It's just been busy.  The holidays are here.  There's some work stuff.  Anyway, let's just get to it.

Bacon is officially crawling.  And the boy is fast.  When he sees something he wants, he puts it in turbo.  I swear he's even tried to run away from me a couple times.

His two top teeth came in.  They look so big compared to his bottom teeth.  And I thought I saw another tooth (bottom left) cutting through but it disappeared.

He's eating three meals a day now.  And just like his sister, he is a PIG, a bottomless pit.  He just keeps opening his mouth whenever I hold up the spoon.  I think I might be overfeeding him.  Also, he might be allergic to dairy.  His eczema seems to get worse when he eats yogurt.  But everything else has been good.  So far, he's had apple, avocado, pear, banana, green beans, squash, sweet potato, chicken, tofu, carrots, prunes, blueberries, and egg yolk (today!).  

Poor Bacon has been sick most of the month.  Since starting school, Eggy's been bringing home all kinds of goodies and you know, sharing is caring.  So just as they start getting over one cold, they get another.  I think the kids at school just keep passing it back and forth between each other.  

Despite all the illnesses, this has been my favorite month with Bacon so far.  We're finally settling into a schedule now where I kind of know what to expect.  He takes two naps a day.  The first one is between 9:30-10am which lasts for about 1-2 hours.  His second nap is usually between 2-3pm, depending on when he woke up from his first nap.  If he only napped an hour in the morning, he'll usually nap about two hours in the afternoon.  Either way, it works out to about 3 hours of naptime.  We usually put him to bed around 7pm.  Lately, he's been waking up around 6 or 6:30am.  Of course, I'd much prefer it if he woke up around 7 but I can't complain too much.  Once in awhile, he still wakes up during the night for a feeding but usually just once.
I also love how he excited he gets when I come home from work and crawls over to me.  But then he'll also get upset if I have to put him down to do something.  He'll crawl after me, whining and crying.  Dude, I'm just in the kitchen!

The best part is seeing Bacon and Eggy interacting with each other.  Eggy's always been Bacon's favorite.  She can make him laugh every time.  If he starts fussing while we're changing his diaper, she can usually get him to stay calm by singing him a song.  And when I put him in his car seat, he always looks over at Eggy in her seat, even if she's not there.  He really loves her so much.
And usually Eggy is very sweet with her brother too.  One time, we were driving when it was dark and Bacon started fussing.  Even though she was busy watching the iPad, Eggy told me to turn on the light for him.  When I turned on the overhead light, Eggy said to Bacon, "There, it's okay, Bacon" in this soothing voice.  
Of course, she has her moments where she's not always feeling so nurturing.  Mostly because she doesn't want to share.  But she's only 3 so she's learning.  Once they're both older, they'll probably be fighting a lot more.  I wonder if they'll fight more over food or toys.
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