January 14, 2012

Out with the old

Yesterday when we were leaving my parents' house, my dad was standing outside and Eggy was saying, "Bye habuji!" from inside the car.  Obviously, he couldn't hear her so Eggy says, "Habuji no hear me.  How come Habuji no hear me?"
Me:  Because you're in the car and the windows are up and harabuji is outside.  So he cannot hear you.
Eggy: Oh.
Me:  Plus, he's old and he can't hear that well anyway.  
Eggy:  Habuji is old.  Let's throw him away.  
Me:  What?  (not sure if I heard right)
Eggy:  Throw him away.  

A minute later...
Eggy:  Halmuni not old.  She's new.  

January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

Hope everyone's holidays were happy.  It went by so fast, no?
Here's a recap of some of our good times.
Saying hi to Santa at California Adventure before our passes expired :(
Visiting Santa officially
The ornament she picked out this year
We bought this Gingerbread Man Kit from Trader Joe's because I'm way too lazy to make it from scratch. I helped her decorate.  Basically, she told me where she wanted to put the candy bits and I squeezed the frosting for her.  She did pretty good.  
But she definitely enjoyed eating it more than decorating.  She ended up picking off all the chocolate candy and left the rest of the cookie.  
Some more holiday eats.  
Eggy's also been enjoying the holiday music.  Her favorites:  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Feliz Navidad.  
Eggy asked to have her nails painted.  I asked her if she wanted to do Christmas colors, red and/or green.  "No.  I want o-dange."
She only wanted me to paint one hand.  That's because she wanted to paint the other hand herself.  

Last year, Eggy enjoyed opening her presents but I don't know if she understood that the presents were for her.  This year, she didn't care who the presents were for; she wanted to open all of them.  She barely looked at her own gifts because she was too busy trying to open everyone else's gifts.  "Oh!  Rapunzel!  What's next?!  Let's open this one!!"  
There was one gift for my sister that was in a big box.  Eggy kept wanting to open it.  I told her no, that it was for her eemo.  She said, "Okay, I open it with Eemo.  She share with me.  I get a big present because I'm a big girl now."  Huh, if you were such a big girl, how come you don't go to sleep by yourself?
Opening presents at halmuni and harabuji's on Christmas Eve
Can you believe her Christmas pajamas from last year still fit?
Celebrating The Rock's birthday
It's hard to say what her favorite gift was this year.  She's really enjoying her tool set from SokSok but she also likes to wear her Rapunzel crown from Auntie K while she's "fixing" things.  So girly and so butch, haha.  And she thinks her new camera from GooGoo is hilarious.  And the only present that gave Eggy pause in her wild unwrapping spree at my parents' house was the Rapunzel nightgown/costume.  In her haste to try it on, she ended up pulling her underwear down with her pants.  Whoops!

"I'm a princess!"
Scooter from Santa
Still getting the hang of it

With Baby Dos on the way, I know 2012 is going to be a crazy year.  But I'm looking forward to it.  As long as we have our family, friends, health, and home, I can't ask for much.  I'm a lucky girl.  
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