January 14, 2012

Out with the old

Yesterday when we were leaving my parents' house, my dad was standing outside and Eggy was saying, "Bye habuji!" from inside the car.  Obviously, he couldn't hear her so Eggy says, "Habuji no hear me.  How come Habuji no hear me?"
Me:  Because you're in the car and the windows are up and harabuji is outside.  So he cannot hear you.
Eggy: Oh.
Me:  Plus, he's old and he can't hear that well anyway.  
Eggy:  Habuji is old.  Let's throw him away.  
Me:  What?  (not sure if I heard right)
Eggy:  Throw him away.  

A minute later...
Eggy:  Halmuni not old.  She's new.  


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