June 28, 2011

I love this face

omg, I just realized she's giving the finger, lol!

June 27, 2011

This Little Piggy went to the farm

On Father's Day, we met up with our friends, the Miyagis, at Tanaka Farms for the strawberry tour.

I'm going to eat THIS many strawberries!
Like this!!  AAAAH!
D-San and his mighty straw

There was this little boy who was verrry interested in Eggy.  He kept wanting to give Eggy hugs.  Sweet, right?  Actually, he'd hug her, then throw her to the ground!  He did that like twice.  I wasn't around because I was shopping so she was just with her dad but I did see them on the ground and figured they fell together.  Eggy appah wasn't too pleased.  I think he called him a punk but not to his face.   
Anyway, it was really fun and Eggy seemed to enjoy it too.  How could she not?  Little miss piggy got to eat the whole time.  The strawberry season is over but Eggy appah wants to go back again, maybe for the watermelon season?

June 14, 2011

Like Appah!

Eggy's favorite movie lately is Tangled.  Have you seen it?  Super cute.
Anyway, we were watching Tangled and I asked her, "Eggy, do you like Flynn Rider?"
Eggy: Yeah!  (That's her new thing now.  She never says "yes" anymore; it's always "yeah!")  FlynnRider!  (She also says his whole name like it's one word.)
Me:  Do you think he's handsome?
Eggy:  No.  Appah handsome.
Me:  How about Prince Eric (from The Little Mermaid)?  Is he handsome?
Eggy:  No.  Appah only.  
Me:  *rolls eyes

The other day when we were at my mom's, my mom was watching City Hunter.  I said to Eggy, "Look, Eggy, look!  Umma likes him (pointing at Lee Min Ho)!  He's handsome!"
Eggy:  No!  Appah!
Me:  No!  Oppa (Okay, so I'd be like his noona but he's an oppa to Eggy) handsome!  Umma likes him.
Eggy:  Umma like oppa?
Me:  Yes!  Umma like oppa; he's handsome.
Eggy:  Oooooh!  Like appah!

June 2, 2011

Future American Idol

Don't mind the glazed look on Eggy's face.  Mesmerized by youtube, she was.  


She also loves "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars but I don't have that on video.  
Speaking of counting, Eggy can count to five in Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.  And she can count past 10 in English, maybe to 13?
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