January 20, 2013

Carb Addict

Don't mess with the boy's food.  

January 8, 2013

Bacon is 9 Months!

This month's theme would have to be Mama's Boy.  We are in the full on separation anxiety/stranger danger stage.  Even if I'm sitting rightnexttohim, he will crawl into my lap and whine until I hold him.  Then, he'll whine some more until I stand up and carry His Majesty around.  Ugh, it is so annoying.   When he was younger, he used to smile at everybody.  But now he just kind of looks at them all serious.  On Christmas, we went to my in-laws and there were a lot of people there and it was loud and Bacon freaked out.  He'd cry every time someone would try to hold him.  Once, he didn't even see that his SokSok was behind him (instead of his daddy) but somehow he knew that there was a "stranger" there and he started to cry.
Not a Santa fan
I'm totally that mean mom that takes pictures of their kids crying and finds it funny or cute.  Of course, not when they're genuinely hurt or upset; I'm not that mean.  Not when it comes to my kids anyway.
Trying to climb up my leg
But sometimes, I love it.  When someone else reaches out to take him from me, he'll turn away from them and put his head on my shoulder.  Even his own father.

He's got two more new teeth at the top so he's got a total of six teeth now.
We stopped giving him his medicine for his reflux a few weeks ago and he's doing pretty well.  He only spit up a couple times but I think that was because he overate.

He can pull himself to his feet while holding on to the couch although he's still wobbly.  I used to put a sofa cushion on the floor as a barricade but now he can climb over it.

He's been a lot more vocal lately.  And really loud.  I've been trying to teach him how to sign for "more" but I'm not sure if he gets it.  I'm usually trying to get him to do it when I'm feeding him but I think he gets too impatient and just yells at me to hurry up and feed him.  Sometimes, I think he even gets mad at Eggy.  Like if she takes something away from him, he yells.  Hahaha

I feel like he's a little bit faster in his physical milestones but I think Eggy was way ahead mentally.  Like I feel like Eggy understood us and would "perform" on command, like doing jamjam.  But Bacon just looks at us like he doesn't get it.  Or maybe he just doesn't care and does whatever he wants when he wants.  That should be fun as he gets older.  Sigh.
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