April 5, 2011

Dancing Queen

Dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's "Hot Dog"

Dancing to Pororo

She also knows how to beatbox

Still one of my faves: an oldie but a goodie

I wish I could take credit for Eggy's smooth moves but I think she gets it from her dad.

April 1, 2011

Happy 24 Months!

Just a year ago Eggy was barely learning to walk.  Now, it seems like there's nothing she can't do.  Except use the potty and wipe her own butt.  Hopefully, that won't be the case next year.

Eggy knows how to sing now!  As much as Eggy loves music, she never really tried to sing (unless you count this or this), at least not with words.  And since she's talking all the time, you'd think that singing would be the next natural step.  Then, it occurred to me that maybe I needed to teach Eggy how to sing.  So we started with "Wheels on the Bus" and she would sing/say, "Round and round, round and round...."  Eggy knew all the words but I guess she just needed the okay to sing them.  So now, she's singing everything.  And that means she's also asking us to sing with her.  And she's picky too.  It can't be just any song, it has to be a song of Eggy's choosing.  That means, she wants to hear the same song like 15 times, even if I only know just one line.  "Your backyard friends, the Backyardigans!" over and over and over.  But I do it anyway because I like to hear her sing.

The other week, I asked Eggy appah, "Dude, why is your daughter such a punk ass?"  In the mornings, she will ignore certain people.  Like when I tell her to say good morning to her hani or haji, she'll look away.  Or if she's being particularly sassy, she'll say, "Good morning umma!" all sweet and purposely not saying it to her grandmother.  It's not until her hani has food that Eggy will pay attention to her.  Sometimes, she won't even greet me when I go to get her in the morning.  She's like, "Umma bye!  Appah!  Appah!!  AAAAH-PPAAAAAAAH!"  Whatever, punk ass, your dad is too busy pooping to come get you.

Even though she's a brat sometimes, she still cracks us up.  I'm sure all parents think their kid is hilarious.  I wonder when it stops being cute or funny, if ever.  So a few weeks ago, my mom bought Eggy a ton of spring/summer clothes for her birthday.  Eggy does not like to try on clothes (but she loves shoes).  Anyway, I wanted to make sure the clothes fit so after I'd put an outfit on her, I'd be like, "oooh, pretty!" so she'd be more willing to put the clothes on.  Somehow it eventually  turned into me telling her she was a supermodel and showing her how to pose.  

Our biggest struggle lately has been Eggy's sleep.  For the past month (maybe longer because it certainly feels like it's been longer than a month), she'd cry and cry after Eggy appah would leave her room.  It was like she didn't want him to leave.  So I'd have to go in and calm her down and get her to sleep.  Sometimes, she'd still cry.  And the worst part?  She was waking up a couple times during the night, crying.  Yes, I know that this is what kids do but it still sucks, especially between the hours of 3-6am.  She's doing a lot better this week (knocking on wood).  

Stats from her well baby check:
Height: 34 inches (50-something percentile)
Weight: 25 lb, 1.6 oz (29th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18 3/4 inches (50-something percentile)
So she's like a lollipop: long, skinny body with a big head.  I wonder where she gets it from (cougheggyappahcough).

Other random facts about Eggy:
She knows how to peel a tangerine.
Her new favorite TV shows are Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer.  Or as Eggy likes to say it, "D-D-Dora!"
She knows how to lock the doors if she can reach the lock.  Hope she never locks anyone out or herself in!
She likes to go to bed with her sippy cup, like it's a lovey or something.
Instead of saying "more" she always says "more-ddo."  I don't know why; she's always said it that way.  "Ddo" means again in Korean so I'm thinking she picked it up from her hani and combined the two word together.
She still won't use the potty.
She likes getting stickers but she doesn't like to stick them on her hands.
Whenever she cries, she has to go get a tissue so she can wipe her tears.  Even if she's fake crying, the little drama queen manages to squeeze out a few tears so she can get a tissue.  Sometimes, I can get her to stop crying by telling her to go get a tissue.  Funny girl.

Happy Birthday, Eggy!!

My baby is TWO, people!  Crap, didn't she JUST turn one?!?  Didn't we JUST bring her home from the hospital?!?

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