March 30, 2010

Birthday Eggstravaganza

I'm still recovering from Sunday. It was soo hot!  It must have been the hottest day of the month.  But at least it didn't rain.  (It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday.  This weather is crazy.)  And the exit off the freeway was closed so everyone was late.  And there was a ton of traffic.  And the aquarium was crazy crowded, or so I heard.  We never had a chance to go in.
Other than those setbacks, Eggy's party was a success.  At least, I think it was.  I loved how everything came together.
We had to get a bunch of extra umbrellas for more shade
Goody bags for the kids
Board designed by Eggy appah's friend.  I loved this.

Thanks to GooGoo (Eggy's aunt) and her BF (Uncle SunWorshipper) , we were able to get all the decorations set up in time.  I felt bad that they had to toil away in the hot hot sun.  

Eggy with her GooGoo (and SokSok in the back)

Despite all the craziness of the day, Eggy was such a good sport.  She didn't cry once or complain, even when we dressed her in her hanbok.  She even kept her hat on.  
Look at my face, lol.  Did I mention how hot it was? 

Singing Happy Birthday

After we sang, Eggy signed for "more" so we sang a second time.

Eggy appah's family

My family

And she didn't freeze up during the doljabi.  
"I don't know what to pick!"
She touched the ball first but....
she picked up the markers.

Although... Eggy wasn't always the nicest hostess.  
Eggy grabbing the bag away from Baby O.
Technically, Baby O is her aunt even though Eggy is older by a few months.  Haha, O's so chubby, she's almost the same size as Eggy!  Cutie.
"Eggy, be gentle!"
But Baby O got even by falling on Eggy and pinning her to the ground.

I feel bad that I didn't get to spend as much time with our guests.  I barely got to eat (although I did manage to shove down 2 or 3 slices of cake, keke).  It was like our wedding all over again.  For some people, it was their first time meeting Eggy.  (It also gave me a chance to meet/catch up with other people's babies.  It's so weird to think that Eggy is not one of the youngest babies anymore.)  
I'm so happy that Eggy got to spend her first birthday surrounded by our family and friends.  Some people wonder why Koreans make such a big deal about the first birthday, especially when the kid's not even going to remember it.  In the past, a lot of babies didn't make it to their first birthdays because of illnesses or malnutrition or whatever.  So it was a big milestone if the baby survived its first year.  Luckily, nowadays that's not so much of a concern thanks to modern medicine but we still celebrate it.  For us, it wasn't just about having a big party; we wanted to celebrate Eggy's first year of life and share it with our family and friends.  We survived the first year!  I know she won't remember this party at all but I hope that one day when she looks at the pictures, she'll see how much we all love her.  Because she ain't having another birthday party like this for a long long loooooooong time!  

March 23, 2010

Crunch Time

So so busy.  And Eggy's not been very helpful.  Now that she's almost one, Eggy's decided that taking naps is for babies, not for big girls.
You're not one yet, you baby!!  Why don't you learn to pee and poop in the toilet first?!  But I think (I hope) we're getting back on track.

Eggy's way of showing me how much she loves me
Or maybe she's saying, "I own your ass."

Halmeh's finally back!  She bought Eggy's hanbok for the party while she was over there.  I love it.  We'll see how well Eggy tolerates it though.  

Between my slave sister and I, we've gotten most of the party stuff done.  There's just a few last minute things left but it's always the last minute stuff that kills you.  I'm more concerned about getting everything set up in time the day of the party.  Maybe I should swing by Home Depot Sunday morning and see if I can find me some cheap labor.
We've got over 100 guests coming to Eggy's birthday party!  Yikes!  It's like a mini-wedding.  I didn't think we'd have so many people saying yes.  But it's all good; it should be fun.
It looks like we're going to have nice weather on the day of the party.  Whew!  I was worried because we don't really have a back up plan if it rains.  I just hope it's not too hot.

Relaxing outside 
while Umma and Eemo are slaving away inside the sweat shop

Eggy's new party shoes

March 13, 2010


What a rough week.  I haven't been able to get too much party stuff done because of all that's been going on.  First, my mom left for Korea so I've had to do the cooking and cleaning. I am seriously spoiled living here. Then, it turns out that Eggy has roseola. I've never even heard of roseola until I had a baby but it's supposedly really common. According to BabyCenter,  "Roseola is a fairly mild and common viral illness that usually strikes children between 6 months and 3 years of age. Roseola is caused by a kind of herpes virus...."
Eggy had all the typical symptoms: fever, decreased appetite, and really really irritable. She might have had a little mild diarrhea Thursday but that might have been because we fed her some ice cream the night before. =P What? She wouldn't eat anything else!
Her temperature was back to normal on Thursday but she broke out in a rash. At least, her mood was better.  We took her to her pediatrician on Friday but there wasn't anything he could do other than just confirm that it was roseola.  She still had the rash today but I think it was gone by bedtime.
I'm just glad this happened before her party because Eggy is no fun when she's sick.

Okay, so I must have mommy brain or something.  I left work for a little bit to take Eggy to the doctor yesterday.  After I dropped her off at home, I rushed back to work.  Afterwards, I went to pick up dinner and as I got in the car, that's when I saw I had two different shoes on.  They were both flats which is probably why I didn't notice right away but still.  It's not like they were two different black shoes; it was one black shoe and one giraffe print shoe!  What the hell?  How come no one told me?!  It must have happened after I dropped Eggy off.  I was walking around like that the whole afternoon!  How embarrassing!  If you see me with two different shoes on or milk leaking from my boobs, please tell me.  

March 9, 2010

Okay, I finally got the videos from her 11 months post up.

Oink oink

Poor Eggy's got a fever. It started Sunday night but I think it's starting to go down now. It was 101.8 degrees one time! She was pretty fussy today, she just wanted to be held all day. And she hasn't really had much of an appetite.

Normally, Eggy is a pig. A PIG! She'll eat pretty much anything and everything we give her. Her recent favorites are tofu and broccoli though. Oh, and she can't get enough rice. So Asian.

The first thing she does when we bring her downstairs in the morning? Points at the counter (where her snacks are) and says, "mama!" And no, she's not calling for me.
When she sees us eating, she has to have some too even though the pig just finished eating her own food.
If Her Majesty is not served quickly enough, she lets you know.
She's like the Kobayashi of Cheerios.

She got in trouble for that one. Books are not for eating, Eggy!

Remember the Sit N Spin? Well, Eggy can Eat N Spin! She's a freaking genius!!
(Did you hear her fart at the 23 second mark? hahahahahaha!!)

Hopefully, Eggy will be back to normal tomorrow. I'm hoping it's because she's teething and not something more serious. Luckily, no vomiting or diarrhea or runny nose or coughing. Keep your fingers crossed it stays that way.

My mom left for Korea last night so it's just me and Eggy at home. Hurry back, halmeh!

March 5, 2010

Hair Everywhere

We had an appointment for Eggy's first hair cut today.  She kind of needs one, no?
We keep going back and forth whether to cut it or not.  Eggy's grandmother keeps telling us to get it cut.  I don't really want to but it gets all crazy sometimes.  And I want her to look nice for her party.  

See... not so pretty

We cancelled the appointment.  I'm just not ready to cut her baby hair.  What do you think ?  Should I cut Eggy's hair?  

March 2, 2010

Happy 11 Months!

Just one more month until Eggy is 1 year old!

It's taken almost a year but Eggy is sleeping soo well now. She sleeps a good solid 11-12 hours at night. Sometimes, I even have to go in and wake her up so she doesn't oversleep. And I can actually get things done during her naps now too. I love it!! Thank you, Dr. Ferber!

Eggy is thisclose to walking. I am not too excited about this because that just means more opportunities for her to get in trouble. And I don't want to always be running after her. We really should baby proof the house. We should have done it once she started crawling but we're bad and lazy parents.

And being bad parents, we also let Eggy watch TV. Usually, Nick Jr. I don't know why but she really likes Moose and Zee.

Eggy is a big time pointer. So rude. It's point point point and "eh eh eh" followed by a sign for "more" and I don't even know what she wants. It's getting frustrating.

Eggy can point out your nose, ears, and belly button. She'll lift up your shirt to point out your belly button so watch out if you happen to be lying down near her. It's funny because my sister has a belly button ring and it used to scare Eggy. She'd point at it and whine/cry.

It's crazy how fast babies learn and pick up new things. Sometimes, we only show Eggy something a couple times and she does it. She can blow kisses, kinda. She knows how to do "please." One time, my mom was rubbing her nose and Eggy did the same. It's so funny when she copies us because it's so unexpected. I guess we're going to have to watch what we do in front of her now.

Eggy's birthday party is at the end of the month so I am officially in party planning mode. I have my slave sister helping me so hopefully, I'll get everything done in time. I'm excited!
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