March 13, 2010


What a rough week.  I haven't been able to get too much party stuff done because of all that's been going on.  First, my mom left for Korea so I've had to do the cooking and cleaning. I am seriously spoiled living here. Then, it turns out that Eggy has roseola. I've never even heard of roseola until I had a baby but it's supposedly really common. According to BabyCenter,  "Roseola is a fairly mild and common viral illness that usually strikes children between 6 months and 3 years of age. Roseola is caused by a kind of herpes virus...."
Eggy had all the typical symptoms: fever, decreased appetite, and really really irritable. She might have had a little mild diarrhea Thursday but that might have been because we fed her some ice cream the night before. =P What? She wouldn't eat anything else!
Her temperature was back to normal on Thursday but she broke out in a rash. At least, her mood was better.  We took her to her pediatrician on Friday but there wasn't anything he could do other than just confirm that it was roseola.  She still had the rash today but I think it was gone by bedtime.
I'm just glad this happened before her party because Eggy is no fun when she's sick.

Okay, so I must have mommy brain or something.  I left work for a little bit to take Eggy to the doctor yesterday.  After I dropped her off at home, I rushed back to work.  Afterwards, I went to pick up dinner and as I got in the car, that's when I saw I had two different shoes on.  They were both flats which is probably why I didn't notice right away but still.  It's not like they were two different black shoes; it was one black shoe and one giraffe print shoe!  What the hell?  How come no one told me?!  It must have happened after I dropped Eggy off.  I was walking around like that the whole afternoon!  How embarrassing!  If you see me with two different shoes on or milk leaking from my boobs, please tell me.  


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