March 2, 2010

Happy 11 Months!

Just one more month until Eggy is 1 year old!

It's taken almost a year but Eggy is sleeping soo well now. She sleeps a good solid 11-12 hours at night. Sometimes, I even have to go in and wake her up so she doesn't oversleep. And I can actually get things done during her naps now too. I love it!! Thank you, Dr. Ferber!

Eggy is thisclose to walking. I am not too excited about this because that just means more opportunities for her to get in trouble. And I don't want to always be running after her. We really should baby proof the house. We should have done it once she started crawling but we're bad and lazy parents.

And being bad parents, we also let Eggy watch TV. Usually, Nick Jr. I don't know why but she really likes Moose and Zee.

Eggy is a big time pointer. So rude. It's point point point and "eh eh eh" followed by a sign for "more" and I don't even know what she wants. It's getting frustrating.

Eggy can point out your nose, ears, and belly button. She'll lift up your shirt to point out your belly button so watch out if you happen to be lying down near her. It's funny because my sister has a belly button ring and it used to scare Eggy. She'd point at it and whine/cry.

It's crazy how fast babies learn and pick up new things. Sometimes, we only show Eggy something a couple times and she does it. She can blow kisses, kinda. She knows how to do "please." One time, my mom was rubbing her nose and Eggy did the same. It's so funny when she copies us because it's so unexpected. I guess we're going to have to watch what we do in front of her now.

Eggy's birthday party is at the end of the month so I am officially in party planning mode. I have my slave sister helping me so hopefully, I'll get everything done in time. I'm excited!


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