March 30, 2010

Birthday Eggstravaganza

I'm still recovering from Sunday. It was soo hot!  It must have been the hottest day of the month.  But at least it didn't rain.  (It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday.  This weather is crazy.)  And the exit off the freeway was closed so everyone was late.  And there was a ton of traffic.  And the aquarium was crazy crowded, or so I heard.  We never had a chance to go in.
Other than those setbacks, Eggy's party was a success.  At least, I think it was.  I loved how everything came together.
We had to get a bunch of extra umbrellas for more shade
Goody bags for the kids
Board designed by Eggy appah's friend.  I loved this.

Thanks to GooGoo (Eggy's aunt) and her BF (Uncle SunWorshipper) , we were able to get all the decorations set up in time.  I felt bad that they had to toil away in the hot hot sun.  

Eggy with her GooGoo (and SokSok in the back)

Despite all the craziness of the day, Eggy was such a good sport.  She didn't cry once or complain, even when we dressed her in her hanbok.  She even kept her hat on.  
Look at my face, lol.  Did I mention how hot it was? 

Singing Happy Birthday

After we sang, Eggy signed for "more" so we sang a second time.

Eggy appah's family

My family

And she didn't freeze up during the doljabi.  
"I don't know what to pick!"
She touched the ball first but....
she picked up the markers.

Although... Eggy wasn't always the nicest hostess.  
Eggy grabbing the bag away from Baby O.
Technically, Baby O is her aunt even though Eggy is older by a few months.  Haha, O's so chubby, she's almost the same size as Eggy!  Cutie.
"Eggy, be gentle!"
But Baby O got even by falling on Eggy and pinning her to the ground.

I feel bad that I didn't get to spend as much time with our guests.  I barely got to eat (although I did manage to shove down 2 or 3 slices of cake, keke).  It was like our wedding all over again.  For some people, it was their first time meeting Eggy.  (It also gave me a chance to meet/catch up with other people's babies.  It's so weird to think that Eggy is not one of the youngest babies anymore.)  
I'm so happy that Eggy got to spend her first birthday surrounded by our family and friends.  Some people wonder why Koreans make such a big deal about the first birthday, especially when the kid's not even going to remember it.  In the past, a lot of babies didn't make it to their first birthdays because of illnesses or malnutrition or whatever.  So it was a big milestone if the baby survived its first year.  Luckily, nowadays that's not so much of a concern thanks to modern medicine but we still celebrate it.  For us, it wasn't just about having a big party; we wanted to celebrate Eggy's first year of life and share it with our family and friends.  We survived the first year!  I know she won't remember this party at all but I hope that one day when she looks at the pictures, she'll see how much we all love her.  Because she ain't having another birthday party like this for a long long loooooooong time!  


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