March 9, 2010

Oink oink

Poor Eggy's got a fever. It started Sunday night but I think it's starting to go down now. It was 101.8 degrees one time! She was pretty fussy today, she just wanted to be held all day. And she hasn't really had much of an appetite.

Normally, Eggy is a pig. A PIG! She'll eat pretty much anything and everything we give her. Her recent favorites are tofu and broccoli though. Oh, and she can't get enough rice. So Asian.

The first thing she does when we bring her downstairs in the morning? Points at the counter (where her snacks are) and says, "mama!" And no, she's not calling for me.
When she sees us eating, she has to have some too even though the pig just finished eating her own food.
If Her Majesty is not served quickly enough, she lets you know.
She's like the Kobayashi of Cheerios.

She got in trouble for that one. Books are not for eating, Eggy!

Remember the Sit N Spin? Well, Eggy can Eat N Spin! She's a freaking genius!!
(Did you hear her fart at the 23 second mark? hahahahahaha!!)

Hopefully, Eggy will be back to normal tomorrow. I'm hoping it's because she's teething and not something more serious. Luckily, no vomiting or diarrhea or runny nose or coughing. Keep your fingers crossed it stays that way.

My mom left for Korea last night so it's just me and Eggy at home. Hurry back, halmeh!


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