April 24, 2012

Update: 2 Weeks, 2 Days

The first couple weeks we stayed at my parents' house.  It was such a big help.  And I think it was good for Eggy to have extra people around to give her more attention.  But now we're back home and Eggy appah went back to work this week so it's just been me home alone with the two kiddos.
At the risk of jinxing things, life with two kids has been... manageable.  Maybe because I thought it would be a lot harder?  But a lot of it probably has to do with the fact that Bacon really doesn't require much right now.  He just needs me for feedings and diaper changes and the occasional fussiness.  He sleeps most of the time.  It's actually Eggy who demands most of my time and attention.
I really missed her those first two weeks.  I mean, it's good that she wasn't super clingy to me.  Actually, she just wanted to hang out with her dad all the time.  But I still felt guilty for not being able to hang out with Eggy as much as I'd like.   At first, I just physically couldn't do much with her because I was still recovering from the surgery.  The first time I picked her up again it felt like she had gained ten extra pounds.
When did she get so big?
So it's only my second day alone with the kids but it's not too bad.  We'll see how things change once Bacon becomes more alert and needs more attention.  Fingers crossed.

April 23, 2012

Eggy meets Bacon

The first thing she said when she came into the hospital room and saw him?  
"Hi, Baby Bacon!"  
Giving little brother a kiss
Our family of four
More to come.  It's hard to find the time to blog, especially since we're back home and Eggy appah is back to work.  And it's either blog or take a nap.  I choose sleep.

April 9, 2012

Introducing Bacon!

April 8, 2012
@ 9:36 am
7 lbs, 2 oz
18 3/4 inches

Tired but happy.  Well, as happy as you can be when your newborn only sleeps in 15 minute increments his first night.  Let's hope we have a better second night. 

Nice to meet you!
If all is still well, we get to go home tomorrow.  

April 2, 2012

Sponsored by Disney

So... can you tell what Eggy's been digging these days?
My sister got her the rolling suitcase and the outfit from head to toe is from her GooGoo.  She loves it so much that she didn't even want to take it off for her nap.  I think she looks so cute.  But the pink glitter from the dress that she leaves all over the house?  Not so cute.  
So yeah, her favorite show right now is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior.  She makes us reenact scenes all the time with her.  And she's always singing random songs from the show.  
What the real song is supposed to be but I just don't have the heart to correct her.  Or tell her that it's Daisy, not Minnie, who's singing the the song.  

April 1, 2012


It's been a long long day.  Actually, I think we celebrated Eggy's birthday the whole weekend.  So spoiled.  But I wanted to make sure she had a nice birthday since it'll be her last one as an only child.  Starting next year, she's pretty much going to have to share her birthdays with Bacon since they'll only be a week apart.  

Anyway, Eggy woke up this morning to a little surprise from umma and appah.  The girl loves her some balloons.  
A breakfast of cinnamon rolls

Spent the morning at the Aquarium of the Pacific (where she had her first birthday!) with a few of her buddies
After the aquarium and lunch, the hubs and I were exhausted.  And since Eggy didn't fall asleep in the car, I made us all take a nap together even though it was already past 3:30.  I don't think Eggy fell asleep until after 4:30 though because she kept wanting to play with the balloons.  After her nap, Eggy appah wanted to do a little photoshoot with all the balloons.  
And because I am lazy and it was getting late, we went to Wood Ranch BBQ for dinner where Eggy got yet another birthday dessert.  

I am in disbelief that my baby is three years old.  How is this possible?  But at the same time, there have been moments over the past few months where I've noticed how much Eggy is NOT a baby.  Not just because she tells us all the time: "I'm not a baby.  I'm a big girl."  Sigh.  And this fall, she's going to be starting preschool.  Preschool, people!!  If I didn't already have a second baby on the way, I'd totally have baby fever right now. 

Thank you Eggy for being the little amazing person that you are.  How we got so lucky I'll never know.  And even when you're being all dramatic and having diva attitude (you're three, not thirteen!), I still think you're pretty awesome.  I could not have asked for a better baby kid.  Just don't grow up too fast, okay?  I don't think your dad will be able to handle it.  We love you muchos!

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