January 31, 2011

Days at the park

Eggy loves the park.  Probably all kids like going out to the park though, right?  More fun than staying at home all day, I guess.  Plus, it's a good way to get her tired out.
We've been taking advantage of the warm weather the last few weeks and going to the park a lot.  Sorry for the crappy quality of the videos.  I shot them all on my cell phone.  (I should remember to carry my Flip more.)  Also, I don't know how to rotate the videos so you'll have to watch with your head tilted to the left.  =P
The parks have these wood chip things on the ground.  Eggy calls them apple pies.  Why?  She met a little girl named Audrey at the park.  I think Audrey was about 3 years old.  (I don't know since the hubs took Eggy to the park that day.)  Anyway, Audrey wanted to play with Eggy and surprisingly, Eggy allowed Audrey to take her by the hand (Eggy doesn't like people to touch her hands.  She won't even hold our hands sometimes.) and off they went.  Anyway, I guess Audrey was pretending to be a chef and cooking apple pies for Eggy.  So she'd hand Eggy a wood chip, pretending it was an apple pie.  Now Eggy calls the wood chips apple pies.  She still remembers that, even though it was like weeks ago.    Here she is, "cooking apple pies."

January 29, 2011

The Blueberry Killer

The girl loooooooooooooves blueberries.  Can't get enough of them.  She's devoured so many that her poop has been black the last few days.  TMI?  Sorry.

First bowl

We have to tell her to slow down when she's eating them because she'll just pop them in her mouth one after the other.  One at a time!  Remember to chew!  
Second bowl

One time, hani tried to give her some apples instead but Eggy said, "No no apples!  Blue!"  (She can't say blueberries so she just calls them "blue" instead.)  And she stood in front of the fridge asking for blueberries.  When my mom told us the story, we all laughed.  Eggy knew we were talking about her so she said it again.  "No no apples!  Blue!"  Complete with the finger shake.  She likes to think she's funny.  So now it's kind of a joke.  Whenever she asks for blueberries, we ask her if she wants apples instead.  
Third bowl

At this rate, she's going to turn into Violet Beauregarde.  Without the gum smacking.  

January 28, 2011

Riding the teacup

I shot this on my cell phone so it's not the best quality but I thought it'd be fun to share.

January 21, 2011


She just decided to randomly lay down in the middle of the floor with her pillow.  And no, it wasn't time for her nap.  She's a weirdo sometimes.

So whenever I think Eggy's made a poopy, I usually ask to smell her butt so I can check.  (Gross, I know, but if you're a parent, I'm sure you've done it too.  And trust me, I don't have to get close to her stinky ass to know if she's got a doodoo in her diaper.)  Sometimes, we make a game of it.  She thinks it's hilarious when I smell her butt and there's no poop and I say, "You liar!" and hit her on the booty.  Anyway, she always lets me smell so it's also a good way to get her to come to me so I can change her diaper without me having to chase her down.  A few weeks ago, I saw that she had her pooping face on so I gave her a few minutes to make sure she was done.  Plus, I wasn't sure if she really pooped because she had already pooped not too long ago.  I guess I waited too long because she kept backing up into me.  At first, I thought it was because she wanted to sit on my lap or something.  But she'd turn around to face me and scrunch her nose and make a sniffing sound.  Haha, she was telling me to smell her butt.  

January 19, 2011

Road trip

My dad is off for a few days this week so we all (minus my sister) drove out to Palm Springs to ride the tram.  There's really not much else to do out there but we wanted to take Eggy to see the snow, especially since the weather's been so nice.  And since we're broke saving money, this was our "vacation."
Eggy did pretty good on the car ride.  Mostly because she was eating something every 20 minutes.  She didn't even ask to watch her usual Elmo or Pororo until we were 40 minutes from home.  I was hoping she'd fall asleep in the car but nope.
Riding in the tram
Walking down the path
It was kind of a long way down
First sled ride
Then, she wanted to play on the sled by herself. "No no!  No no!"  sigh.
Yeah, she was so over it by then.  
But after we gave her more food, Eggy was feeling better.  
"Gub!" = gloves.
Yes, I know technically they mittens.
Getting reacquainted with snow
Eggy's snow midget
I don't know if Eggy had any fun.  I think she's still too young to really get it: the tram ride, the snow, the sledding.  And the snow wasn't that great, a little too icy.  So I think we'll wait till she's a little older to take her to the mountains.  We should have just gone to the beach instead.  

January 12, 2011

Yum yum, yogurt!

This is what happens when I get a yogurt to eat.  You know, for myself.   Eggy runs over to see what deliciousness I've gotten from the refrigerator and decides I should share.  And by share, I can eat whatever she leaves for me at the end.
Watching Pororo
So I finish the yogurt and she's like, "You're just going to throw that away?  I'll show you how to finish a yogurt!"  
Who needs a spoon?

January 11, 2011

I'm an idiot

Eggy's second molars are coming in.  That explains all the moodiness and crying at night.  I feel like such a dumb ass for not knowing.  I guess it's kind of hard to know until you actually see teeth and then you go, "Oh, she must have been teething!"  So yesterday morning, I noticed that the second molars on the bottom were cutting through.  Poor thing.
Last night was pretty rough.  She must have really been hurting because she kept crying and saying, "no no."  I think she cried for almost an hour.  =(  Luckily, she slept through the rest of the night after we gave her some tylenol. This is probably the worst of the whole teething experience.  Even when she got her first molars, I don't remember it being this bad.  I hate those molars for causing Eggy pain.  And we're probably going to have to go through this again when the top ones come in.
Just before her nap, Eggy was sooo cranky.  Just in a foul mood.  I let her watch Pororo and Elmo's World and I took her to the playground and we swung her inside the blanket (she loooves that) and still, really whiny.  She went to sleep okay though and she's actually been napping for a little over 2 hours.  I think that's a record.  Thank you, generic tylenol.  I just hope she wakes up in a better mood.

January 10, 2011

More Disney Fun

So we're really trying to make the most of our annual Disneyland passes.  Can you tell?  What?!  Those suckers are expensive and I just realized that I probably won't even get to ride the fun rides this year.  And don't tell me I could ride by myself because it's just not the same.
Anyway, I guess as long as Eggy enjoys herself, that's all that matters.  

Eggy really likes the Playhouse Disney show.

I think it was bigger than her head.   

January 9, 2011

Twinkle Toes

January 8, 2011


This is what happens when you brag about your sweet baby girl and how she hardly gives you any trouble.  The universe hears you and decides you need a bitch slap in the face.  

And that slap comes from your own precious child.  Yeah, Eggy's still hitting and it's getting worse.  At first, I don't think she really meant to hit us; she was just lashing out.  So I'd scold her and tell her, "No hitting!" and she'd cry.  But now, I think she totally hits on purpose, just to piss me off.  She knows she's not supposed to hit but she does it anyway.  Like if she doesn't get her way with something, she'll smack me and look at me to see what I'll do.  She hasn't even reached puberty yet and she's already challenging my authority.

The other thing that we've been struggling with is Eggy's sleep, especially this week.  It started last Sunday night when she woke up crying around 10:30.  Well, it turns out that Eggy had an allergic reaction to something.  We still don't know what caused it but she broke out in a rash all over her body.  Poor thing.  Anyway, we gave her some benadryl and she was fine in the morning.  It's probably just a coincidence but since then, Eggy will wake up at least once during the night crying.  Last night, she cried on and off for about half an hour until Eggy appah finally went in.  She rarely needs us to help her go back to sleep but she's like extra needy this week.  I'm hoping it's just a phase but I don't want her getting used to us coming in every time she cries.

Yeah, she's been crying a lot this week.  On Wednesday, I had to work so Eggy stayed home with her halmeh.  Usually, Eggy doesn't give her any problems.  But that day, I guess Eggy kept calling for me and when my mom would tell her that I was at work, Eggy would cry.  She'd just sit there and cry, "umma!  umma!  ummaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"  She didn't want anything to do with her halmeh.  Even when Eggy appah puts her to sleep at night, Eggy's been crying for me.  I don't know why she's been so needy.  And moody as hell.  It's like she has pms or something.

So far, it doesn't look like 2011 is starting out to be a great year for Eggy.  Maybe it's the start of the terrible two's but geez! who is this monster?  It's going to be a looong year!
Bring it on!

January 1, 2011

Happy 21 Months!

Happy New Year!  We're old and boring so we spent New Year's Eve at home for the second year in a row.  Eggy ended up taking a 30 minute nap for the whole day so she was knocked out before 7:30pm.  We watched the celebrations on TV and were in bed by 12:05pm.  Exciting, I know.

Sorry, but I realized that all the pictures I took of Eggy this month, I've already posted.  So this post is mostly for me to remind me what Eggy was like at this age.  And you get recycled pictures from the year.

I feel like we went through a lot this month.

Eggy went for her 6 month check up at the dentist.  She cried, of course, but I think it was mostly because she had to lie down with her head in the dentist's lap.  At least, her mouth was open from all the screaming and crying so the dentist could check her teeth.  Yay, no cavities!  The dentist did suggest flossing Eggy's teeth because her teeth are kind of close together.  I haven't really started yet.  I should though especially once her second year molars come in.

Eggy's just taking one nap a day now.  It was a weird transition.  We went back and forth a lot the past couple months.  She'd sleep fine for her morning nap (at 11am) but her afternoon nap (at 4pm-ish) would vary from 30 minutes to over an hour.  Sometimes, she wouldn't even take her afternoon nap; she's just lay there.  So we tried to get her to take just one nap (pushed back to 1pm), hoping that she'd sleep a little longer, but she'd still wake up after just an hour.  And she'd all cranky the rest of the day and her sleep at night wouldn't be as good.  So we'd have to go back to two naps again.  And she'd sleep really well for about a week for both naps but then she'd go back to sleeping all weird again.  So we moved up her nap time to noon (instead of 1pm) and she seemed to do better.  Also, we had to move up her bedtime to about 7:40pm (from 8pm).  The upside to that is Eggy seems to be sleeping in a little bit more.  Instead of waking up at 7am, she'll wake up between 7:30 - 8am.
In the beginning, I really really missed those two naps.  Going to one nap was tiring for me too.  Sure, the two naps were a little restricting sometimes, especially when we wanted to go somewhere or be somewhere, but two naps equaled about 2-2 1/2 solid hours of quiet, just me time.  It was a good break.  I needed those breaks.  Now, I'm lucky if I get an hour and a half.  But like I said, now we have more time and freedom to go out and do more things.

I can hardly keep up with all the new words that Eggy is saying these days.  It seems like she's learning a new word or two every day.  She mimics us a lot but I don't know if she's just repeating after us or if she really knows what she's saying.  So I don't count it as a word unless she uses it on her own.  But a lot of times, we don't understand her and it's not until later that we figure out what she's telling us.

  • Toby - except she calls him, "babo" which incidentally means stupid in korean.  Her eemoh isn't thrilled about having her dog be called a dummy.  
  • Eemoh's name
  • Donald - as in the duck
  • boots
  • kong - beans in korean
  • chip
  • dduk -korean rice cake
  • coat
  • Crong - from Pororo
  • Bravo! 
  • dinner
  • bucket
  • balloon
  • oh-ee - cucumber in korean
  • corn
  • (bell) pepper - but she only says, "peppuh" and not the bell part
  • onion - Eggy learned all these veggies from her new toys!
  • paper
  • ji-ji - dirty 
  • diaper
  • banana
  • orange - the color and the fruit
  • green
  • red - except she says, "elmo" but she means red
  • blue - She used to say everything was blue but now I think she gets what different colors mean.  
  • two - Although I'm not sure if she 100% understands what two means.  Sometimes, she'll hold up two things and say, "two!" but if I ask her how many fingers while holding up just one, she still says, "two."
  • uh buh - piggyback in korean
  • No! - I hate this one.  It sucks.  I tell her to do something and it's, "no no, no no."  Sometimes, she'll even wag her pointer finger too.  What?!?  You little....!  I really hope she grows out of this phase but something tells me it's not happening any time soon.
That's a lot of new words, right?  So with all these new words in Eggy's vocabulary, you would think that communicating would be a lot easier, right?  Yes, in some ways.  But I can also tell that it frustrates her more not to be able to get her point across.  She'll say something and repeat it multiple times because we don't understand what she's saying and I can see it in her eyes, like "Why the hell don't you get it?!?"  So she cries a lot about that.  I try not to lose my patience with her because I know it's not her fault that she can't say the right words yet but I also don't want to end up spoiling her.  Parenting is a tricky balance.

Anyway, we went through some ups and downs in 2010 but overall, it was still a great year.  I wouldn't mind if 2011 brought more of the same.  There'll be some new challenges (Eggy's terrible two's, being a first time home owner, not having the help of family so close by) but I'm optimistic.  I hope 2011 brings you all love, good health, and happiness!

A year ago, 2010!
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