January 31, 2011

Days at the park

Eggy loves the park.  Probably all kids like going out to the park though, right?  More fun than staying at home all day, I guess.  Plus, it's a good way to get her tired out.
We've been taking advantage of the warm weather the last few weeks and going to the park a lot.  Sorry for the crappy quality of the videos.  I shot them all on my cell phone.  (I should remember to carry my Flip more.)  Also, I don't know how to rotate the videos so you'll have to watch with your head tilted to the left.  =P
The parks have these wood chip things on the ground.  Eggy calls them apple pies.  Why?  She met a little girl named Audrey at the park.  I think Audrey was about 3 years old.  (I don't know since the hubs took Eggy to the park that day.)  Anyway, Audrey wanted to play with Eggy and surprisingly, Eggy allowed Audrey to take her by the hand (Eggy doesn't like people to touch her hands.  She won't even hold our hands sometimes.) and off they went.  Anyway, I guess Audrey was pretending to be a chef and cooking apple pies for Eggy.  So she'd hand Eggy a wood chip, pretending it was an apple pie.  Now Eggy calls the wood chips apple pies.  She still remembers that, even though it was like weeks ago.    Here she is, "cooking apple pies."


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