January 8, 2011


This is what happens when you brag about your sweet baby girl and how she hardly gives you any trouble.  The universe hears you and decides you need a bitch slap in the face.  

And that slap comes from your own precious child.  Yeah, Eggy's still hitting and it's getting worse.  At first, I don't think she really meant to hit us; she was just lashing out.  So I'd scold her and tell her, "No hitting!" and she'd cry.  But now, I think she totally hits on purpose, just to piss me off.  She knows she's not supposed to hit but she does it anyway.  Like if she doesn't get her way with something, she'll smack me and look at me to see what I'll do.  She hasn't even reached puberty yet and she's already challenging my authority.

The other thing that we've been struggling with is Eggy's sleep, especially this week.  It started last Sunday night when she woke up crying around 10:30.  Well, it turns out that Eggy had an allergic reaction to something.  We still don't know what caused it but she broke out in a rash all over her body.  Poor thing.  Anyway, we gave her some benadryl and she was fine in the morning.  It's probably just a coincidence but since then, Eggy will wake up at least once during the night crying.  Last night, she cried on and off for about half an hour until Eggy appah finally went in.  She rarely needs us to help her go back to sleep but she's like extra needy this week.  I'm hoping it's just a phase but I don't want her getting used to us coming in every time she cries.

Yeah, she's been crying a lot this week.  On Wednesday, I had to work so Eggy stayed home with her halmeh.  Usually, Eggy doesn't give her any problems.  But that day, I guess Eggy kept calling for me and when my mom would tell her that I was at work, Eggy would cry.  She'd just sit there and cry, "umma!  umma!  ummaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"  She didn't want anything to do with her halmeh.  Even when Eggy appah puts her to sleep at night, Eggy's been crying for me.  I don't know why she's been so needy.  And moody as hell.  It's like she has pms or something.

So far, it doesn't look like 2011 is starting out to be a great year for Eggy.  Maybe it's the start of the terrible two's but geez! who is this monster?  It's going to be a looong year!
Bring it on!


Lazy For You said...

oh no! Terrible two's?! No! I think it's just a short phase. I'm crossing fingers for you!

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