January 19, 2011

Road trip

My dad is off for a few days this week so we all (minus my sister) drove out to Palm Springs to ride the tram.  There's really not much else to do out there but we wanted to take Eggy to see the snow, especially since the weather's been so nice.  And since we're broke saving money, this was our "vacation."
Eggy did pretty good on the car ride.  Mostly because she was eating something every 20 minutes.  She didn't even ask to watch her usual Elmo or Pororo until we were 40 minutes from home.  I was hoping she'd fall asleep in the car but nope.
Riding in the tram
Walking down the path
It was kind of a long way down
First sled ride
Then, she wanted to play on the sled by herself. "No no!  No no!"  sigh.
Yeah, she was so over it by then.  
But after we gave her more food, Eggy was feeling better.  
"Gub!" = gloves.
Yes, I know technically they mittens.
Getting reacquainted with snow
Eggy's snow midget
I don't know if Eggy had any fun.  I think she's still too young to really get it: the tram ride, the snow, the sledding.  And the snow wasn't that great, a little too icy.  So I think we'll wait till she's a little older to take her to the mountains.  We should have just gone to the beach instead.  


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