February 24, 2012

What did she say?

So you know how some kids have like lisps?  Like their R's sound like W's or whatever.  It's so cute, at least when they're little.
Anyway, Eggy kind of has one.  Sometimes, her S's sound like D's.  She was talking to her dad about Snow White and it kept sounding like Do-white and her dad kept thinking she was saying Dwight.  And we were at the market one time and she kept talking about "dodges" and I had no idea what she was saying.  I finally figured out she was saying sausages.  But today?  This one takes the cake.
So Eggy and her appah were at the park.  Sometimes, she likes to collect sticks at the park and give them to us.  Anyway, they're getting ready to leave and Eggy notices that appah does not have the stick that she so carefully and thoughtfully picked out for him.  So she yells, "Where's your big stick, appah?"  Of course, when she said it, stick sounded like something else.  And her dad says, "I don't need it."  And she gets more upset, yelling even louder, "Yeah, you need it!  You need your big stick!  Where is it?"  If there was no one else at the park, it wouldn't be so bad but of course, there was another dad there with his two kids.  And the hubs doesn't embarrass too easily but he said he could feel himself turning red, especially since she kept yelling louder and louder about his missing big stick.

February 18, 2012

And the award goes to...

I'm not 100% sure if she really was faking or not.  I feel a little bad.  I guess I should be nominated for Meanest Mommy of the Year.  If she really was pretending, it's a little scary how well she faked it.  Hope she only uses her powers for good, and not evil.  

February 15, 2012

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there was a pig.  A tiny pig.  And he eat some bok choy and cheese and bok choy and some more broccoli and some more broccoli and more broccoli and some noodle cheese (string cheese).  And some billy goats and some meatballs and some eggs.  And he grow taller to be a pig.  A BIG pig.  Yay.  And he live happily ever after.  The end.

In related bedtime news, I'm super excited that Eggy has been going to sleep BY HERSELF for the past few weeks.  This is awesome.  I read her a book, tell her a story, sing a song and then it's GOOD NIGHT!  And she goes to sleep.  Sometimes, she rolls around or just kind of sits there for a little while but I (or the hubs) no longer have to stay with her until she falls asleep.  When she's ready, she just lies down and goes to sleep.
The whole thing started when Eggy threw the biggest tantrum last month.  It's kind of my fault because I took her to park when we couldn't stay long because it was almost naptime.  Anyway, when I told her we had to leave, she had a fit.  Like the biggest fit I've ever seen her have.  Eggy is usually very good and rarely ever has tantrums.  I mean she gets attitude or moody sometimes but nothing major.  There was screaming and crying and she even hit me once.  Luckily, there weren't too many people at the park.  And I was more pissed than embarrassed.  It was like over 80 degrees (in January!) and I have to carry her scooter, her helmet, and a screaming toddler.  Oh, and I'm like 7 months pregnant.  Not fun.  So when we finally got home, we talked about it and I told her that I was very upset with her.  And that it was naptime and I was not going to read her any books or tell any stories and she was going to go to sleep by herself because I was still upset with her and I didn't want to sleep with her.  BUT that I would leave her door open a little bit and I would be right outside if she needed me.  She tearfully told me okay and good night (which almost made me cry).  But she didn't cry and she went to sleep.  And we did the same thing that night but I told her a story and all that.  I just said good night and I would be outside if she needed me.  There were a few times later in the week where she'd cry a little bit, saying that she wanted me but I was firm even though it was hard.  I could have just gave in to her tears but I know when Baby #2 comes, I'm not going to have the time to be laying down with her for every nap or bedtime.  And so far, it's been great!  I just hope I didn't jinx it.  

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

A big kiss from my valentine, Eggy!

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