February 24, 2012

What did she say?

So you know how some kids have like lisps?  Like their R's sound like W's or whatever.  It's so cute, at least when they're little.
Anyway, Eggy kind of has one.  Sometimes, her S's sound like D's.  She was talking to her dad about Snow White and it kept sounding like Do-white and her dad kept thinking she was saying Dwight.  And we were at the market one time and she kept talking about "dodges" and I had no idea what she was saying.  I finally figured out she was saying sausages.  But today?  This one takes the cake.
So Eggy and her appah were at the park.  Sometimes, she likes to collect sticks at the park and give them to us.  Anyway, they're getting ready to leave and Eggy notices that appah does not have the stick that she so carefully and thoughtfully picked out for him.  So she yells, "Where's your big stick, appah?"  Of course, when she said it, stick sounded like something else.  And her dad says, "I don't need it."  And she gets more upset, yelling even louder, "Yeah, you need it!  You need your big stick!  Where is it?"  If there was no one else at the park, it wouldn't be so bad but of course, there was another dad there with his two kids.  And the hubs doesn't embarrass too easily but he said he could feel himself turning red, especially since she kept yelling louder and louder about his missing big stick.


Lazy For You said...

LOL!!!!! Thanks. I needed that.

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