November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, Eggy gives thanks for:

Her friends, the furry ones and the human ones, especially the new ones that arrived this year.  She is very excited to beat them up show them the ways of the world.
Her hani and her ma-ma for always giving her delicious things to eat.
Her haji for throwing her in the air every time she asks.
Her aunties and uncles for spoiling her.
Her cousin, The Rock, for showing her how to whistle.
Her umma and appah for loving her so so much that they grab her and run away from any kids with snot on their face so she won't get a cold.  (Yes, this happened more than once.)
And lastly, Thanksgiving dinner.  Unlike last year when all she probably ate was some avocado, Eggy can eat everything now.  Yums!

Oh yes, Eggy is one lucky girl.  So much to be thankful for.  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2010

Current Events

Just so you don't think that Eggy gets all her news from Us Weekly...

November 22, 2010

Our Weekend

Last weekend was busy busy busy for the Eggy family.
On Saturday night, we went all the way to the valley to hang out with a few of the hubby's friends.  His friend Horchata was house/dog sitting for his aunt and uncle and had a little get together.  We crossed our fingers, taking Eggy, hoping that she would take a nap over there so we wouldn't have to leave too early.  And lucky for us, she did!  Although it took me an hour to get her to fall asleep.  Then, I kept worrying that she'd fall off the bed or wake up crying so I kept checking on her.  So unfortunately, I didn't really get to hang out much.  Then, when Eggy woke up, I took off to my friend Jamo's house, who happens to live close by.  One of her other girlfriends was also there with her hubs and baby girl.  Sigh, seeing those little babies almost gave me baby fever so I got out of there quick.  Just kidding, I wish I could have stayed longer but I felt bad for ditching my husband and child.
Also, Eggy wasn't in the best mood before I left so I wondered how she was doing with all those "strange" new people.  Her dad said she was really good.  She loved playing with the big dog, Ginger.  (She's still "talking" about petting Ginger.)  And she was doing all her "tricks" and generally being a ham.  Sometimes, I wonder if people think we're uber lame for showing off Eggy.  It's like, "Enough already with her Angelina Jolie lips!  It's not that funny!" but they just laugh to be polite.  Well, that's what happens when you have kids.  Your own life becomes that uninteresting that it's the highlight of your week when your kid learns to clap.  Please try to hold back your jealousy.

Anyway, Sunday was even more exciting because we went....

November 20, 2010

Letter to Santa

Did you know there are only 35 days left until Christmas?  How can this be?  

So anyway, Eggy decided she better get started on her letter to Santa because she wants to make sure he gets it in time.  She had a lot of demands.
Miss Greedy writing on the back side too
Wow!  Good job, Eggy!
Basically, she wants a 60" LED HD TV for her room so she can watch Elmo, Mickey, and the whole gang on Nick Jr. all day long in peace.  She also asked for world peace and an end to world hunger.  

November 19, 2010


Eggy's trying to be a good girl lately because I told her Santa's watching.

Eggy's saying new words all the time, especially these last few weeks.
Harabuji - Grandpa in korean.  We shortened it to haji so it'd be easier for Eggy to say but it comes out as ah-ja.
Her cousin's name - She keeps saying his name when she sees our laptop because she Skyped with him a few times.
Eemo - Sounds the same as Elmo though
bahl - korean for foot
poopoo - She points to her butt when she says this.  Ready for the potty maybe?
hop - for bunny
nya nya - her Crocs, because that's how a crocodile chomps, like nya nya nya
baby - This is what she calls her Hello Kitty doll
Ming Ming - That's what she calls her stuffed ducky, after Ming Ming from the Wonder Pets.
Pooh - Winnie the Pooh
Nui nui - This is huge.  This is what she calls herself now which means little baby girl in chinese.  She says it alllllll the time.  She's always pointing at herself and going, "nui nui!"  And I say, "Yes, you're nui nui!"  She's even introduced herself to a few strangers as Nui Nui.  And now that she knows what to call herself, she's Miss Independent all of a sudden.  She wants to do everything by herself: feed herself, bathe herself, brush her own teeth, put on her own shoes, buckle herself into her toy car, EVERYTHING.  She just keeps saying, "nui nui, nui nui, nui nui" and she'll get mad if you try to even help her.  Punk ass.

November 8, 2010


Eggy can now say:
ko (nose in Korean) 
noon (eye in Korean) 
mool (water in Korean)

November 2, 2010

Miss Chatterbox, Part Two

I feel like one of those moms that think everything and anything their child does is adorable so I have to share everything and anything my child does with the world.  But at least I'm aware that these things may only be interesting and cute to me.  So, play the video below only if you're really really bored, seriously. At least I warned you in advance.

November 1, 2010

Happy 19 Months!

Yesterday was a busy day.  In the morning, Mrs. Miyagi and I went to visit our friend Jamo who just had a baby boy a few weeks ago!  He's so tiny and precious.  Later, we went trick or treating with the Miyagis and their son, D-san, who's about 9 months.  Anyway, seeing all these younger babies makes me realize how much Eggy has grown and changed.  She really is a toddler, not a baby anymore.  Pretty soon, I won't even be shopping in the baby section anymore.  I was looking back at her pictures from a year ago and I hardly remember that baby!!  It makes me a little sad.  But I'm also enjoying this stage too.

Lately, Eggy's favorite game is to change her dolls' diaper, usually her Hello Kitty doll.  Okay, so Hello Kitty doesn't have a diaper but we pretend.  Eggy will bring me her HK doll and either point to its butt or pat her own crotch.  So, I tell her to smell HK's butt and ask if her baby pooped.  I pretend to take off a diaper and wipe HK's butt and give Eggy the "diaper" to throw away.  And she actually does it.  It's kind of funny because she always makes me change her dolls; she won't do it herself.  And she doesn't even care if I put a clean diaper back on, she just wants to throw away the dirty diaper.  What a weirdo.

Also, Eggy seems to be picking up more words lately.  Just today, she told me to "mmooooh!"  Translation: move!  (I was sitting in her chair.)  I don't know whether to be proud or offended.

Maybe Eggy will learn the Thriller dance by Halloween next year.
Sometimes, I think Eggy is going to be an amazing dancer when she gets older.  Then, other times, well... not so much.

Besides dancing, Eggy has been perfecting her fake laugh.  Yesterday, when the grown-ups would laugh about something, she'd throw in her fake laugh like she knew what we were talking about.  Also, sometimes when she giggles, she'll also get the hiccups.  So funny.

And the most exciting news!
Today!  For the first time ever!!  Eggy peed in her potty!!!  I am beyond excited!!!!
I picked her up to take her into the house (we had just come back from running errands) and her leg was wet.  She must have just peed and leaked out of her diaper.  Anyway, I had to pee real bad so I took off her pants and diaper and she sat on her potty while I did my business.  Normally, I just leave her diaper and pants on when she sits on her potty.  I don't even know if she ever goes since it just stays in her diaper and I don't check but sometimes, I think she does pee.  Anyway, I just want her to get used to the idea of sitting on it.  So this time, I wasn't really expecting anything since she had just peed herself but she looked like she was concentrating.  And a few seconds later, I heard it!  That tiny little trickle hitting the plastic!  It was hardly any pee, like barely a teaspoon maybe.  (No, I didn't measure it!)  But it was still pee!  In the potty!!  And Eggy put it there!!!  
We still have a looong way to go but I'm just so excited because maybe it means that Eggy is starting to get it.  Or maybe it was just good timing.  Who knows?  It might be another month before Eggy will even go near the potty again!  Still, we're on our way. 
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