November 22, 2010

Our Weekend

Last weekend was busy busy busy for the Eggy family.
On Saturday night, we went all the way to the valley to hang out with a few of the hubby's friends.  His friend Horchata was house/dog sitting for his aunt and uncle and had a little get together.  We crossed our fingers, taking Eggy, hoping that she would take a nap over there so we wouldn't have to leave too early.  And lucky for us, she did!  Although it took me an hour to get her to fall asleep.  Then, I kept worrying that she'd fall off the bed or wake up crying so I kept checking on her.  So unfortunately, I didn't really get to hang out much.  Then, when Eggy woke up, I took off to my friend Jamo's house, who happens to live close by.  One of her other girlfriends was also there with her hubs and baby girl.  Sigh, seeing those little babies almost gave me baby fever so I got out of there quick.  Just kidding, I wish I could have stayed longer but I felt bad for ditching my husband and child.
Also, Eggy wasn't in the best mood before I left so I wondered how she was doing with all those "strange" new people.  Her dad said she was really good.  She loved playing with the big dog, Ginger.  (She's still "talking" about petting Ginger.)  And she was doing all her "tricks" and generally being a ham.  Sometimes, I wonder if people think we're uber lame for showing off Eggy.  It's like, "Enough already with her Angelina Jolie lips!  It's not that funny!" but they just laugh to be polite.  Well, that's what happens when you have kids.  Your own life becomes that uninteresting that it's the highlight of your week when your kid learns to clap.  Please try to hold back your jealousy.

Anyway, Sunday was even more exciting because we went....

to the Happiest Place on Earth!
It was Eggy's first time to Disneyland!

Eggy appah and I had been talking about getting annual passes for a while and we finally decided to just do it.  We're just going to think of it as our Christmas present.  And I really wanted to go when it was all decorated for the holidays.
Luckily, the rain had stopped but it was still pretty chilly even though the sun was out.  I realize it looks like we are bad parents for not putting a jacket on Eggy because it looks like she's only wearing a shirt and pants but she had on three layers and tights underneath.  And even though her hands and cheeks were cold, her neck was not; I kept checking.  So don't worry about her.  Plus, I just ordered her a winter coat and more clothes.  Eggy appah is thrilled that his girls get to spend all his hard earned money.

It's hard to say how much fun Eggy was having.  Most of the time, she looked like this:
What is that?  Bored?  Tired?  Scared?  This is DURING the Dumbo ride.  You'd think she'd show a little more emotion.  In fact, that's how she was on all the rides.  
Small World
I think she was just too busy looking at everything.  Here's one ride she seemed to have fun on.

Other things she liked: 

The music on Main Street

Meeting the characters.  She was really good and didn't cry at all.
Unfortunately, we don't have any good pictures with Mickey because Eggy was so enthralled with Mickey that most of our pics are of her back.  
Giving Mickey a high five
When we finally got her to turn around, Mickey knocked her hat off.
 Haha, this photo makes me laugh.   
Giving Mickey a dirty look
But we managed to get this family pic.

She loved this car at Toontown.  Never mind that it didn't move or even beep.  She really really really didn't want to get out. 

We were only there for about 3 hours but man, I was so tired!  I don't think I could spend the whole day there.  Good thing we got those passes so we can come back often.
See you next time, Dumbo!
So I don't know if it was because of all the excitement from Disneyland but Eggy was off this morning.  She woke up at 8 which is late for her but she kept crying, like she was still tired.  She'd only stop when I was holding her, patting her back, like I do when I put her to sleep.  After 1 1/2 hours of holding her and sleeping on and off, we fell asleep together in our bed for about an hour until almost 11!  My precious girl let me know that she was awake by kicking me in the ribs.  And when I opened my eyes, her highness told me, "Mamma! (Food!)"  Yes, Your Majesty.


Lazy For You said...

Yay!!! Disneyland baby!!! I think she was looking\ at all the wonderful colors and decorations, too. It's pretty acid-trippy there. :) i'm totally looking forward to the day I can take Wes there!! I'm sure he'll have the same expression LOL!

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