November 19, 2010


Eggy's trying to be a good girl lately because I told her Santa's watching.

Eggy's saying new words all the time, especially these last few weeks.
Harabuji - Grandpa in korean.  We shortened it to haji so it'd be easier for Eggy to say but it comes out as ah-ja.
Her cousin's name - She keeps saying his name when she sees our laptop because she Skyped with him a few times.
Eemo - Sounds the same as Elmo though
bahl - korean for foot
poopoo - She points to her butt when she says this.  Ready for the potty maybe?
hop - for bunny
nya nya - her Crocs, because that's how a crocodile chomps, like nya nya nya
baby - This is what she calls her Hello Kitty doll
Ming Ming - That's what she calls her stuffed ducky, after Ming Ming from the Wonder Pets.
Pooh - Winnie the Pooh
Nui nui - This is huge.  This is what she calls herself now which means little baby girl in chinese.  She says it alllllll the time.  She's always pointing at herself and going, "nui nui!"  And I say, "Yes, you're nui nui!"  She's even introduced herself to a few strangers as Nui Nui.  And now that she knows what to call herself, she's Miss Independent all of a sudden.  She wants to do everything by herself: feed herself, bathe herself, brush her own teeth, put on her own shoes, buckle herself into her toy car, EVERYTHING.  She just keeps saying, "nui nui, nui nui, nui nui" and she'll get mad if you try to even help her.  Punk ass.


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