November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, Eggy gives thanks for:

Her friends, the furry ones and the human ones, especially the new ones that arrived this year.  She is very excited to beat them up show them the ways of the world.
Her hani and her ma-ma for always giving her delicious things to eat.
Her haji for throwing her in the air every time she asks.
Her aunties and uncles for spoiling her.
Her cousin, The Rock, for showing her how to whistle.
Her umma and appah for loving her so so much that they grab her and run away from any kids with snot on their face so she won't get a cold.  (Yes, this happened more than once.)
And lastly, Thanksgiving dinner.  Unlike last year when all she probably ate was some avocado, Eggy can eat everything now.  Yums!

Oh yes, Eggy is one lucky girl.  So much to be thankful for.  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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