November 1, 2010

Happy 19 Months!

Yesterday was a busy day.  In the morning, Mrs. Miyagi and I went to visit our friend Jamo who just had a baby boy a few weeks ago!  He's so tiny and precious.  Later, we went trick or treating with the Miyagis and their son, D-san, who's about 9 months.  Anyway, seeing all these younger babies makes me realize how much Eggy has grown and changed.  She really is a toddler, not a baby anymore.  Pretty soon, I won't even be shopping in the baby section anymore.  I was looking back at her pictures from a year ago and I hardly remember that baby!!  It makes me a little sad.  But I'm also enjoying this stage too.

Lately, Eggy's favorite game is to change her dolls' diaper, usually her Hello Kitty doll.  Okay, so Hello Kitty doesn't have a diaper but we pretend.  Eggy will bring me her HK doll and either point to its butt or pat her own crotch.  So, I tell her to smell HK's butt and ask if her baby pooped.  I pretend to take off a diaper and wipe HK's butt and give Eggy the "diaper" to throw away.  And she actually does it.  It's kind of funny because she always makes me change her dolls; she won't do it herself.  And she doesn't even care if I put a clean diaper back on, she just wants to throw away the dirty diaper.  What a weirdo.

Also, Eggy seems to be picking up more words lately.  Just today, she told me to "mmooooh!"  Translation: move!  (I was sitting in her chair.)  I don't know whether to be proud or offended.

Maybe Eggy will learn the Thriller dance by Halloween next year.
Sometimes, I think Eggy is going to be an amazing dancer when she gets older.  Then, other times, well... not so much.

Besides dancing, Eggy has been perfecting her fake laugh.  Yesterday, when the grown-ups would laugh about something, she'd throw in her fake laugh like she knew what we were talking about.  Also, sometimes when she giggles, she'll also get the hiccups.  So funny.

And the most exciting news!
Today!  For the first time ever!!  Eggy peed in her potty!!!  I am beyond excited!!!!
I picked her up to take her into the house (we had just come back from running errands) and her leg was wet.  She must have just peed and leaked out of her diaper.  Anyway, I had to pee real bad so I took off her pants and diaper and she sat on her potty while I did my business.  Normally, I just leave her diaper and pants on when she sits on her potty.  I don't even know if she ever goes since it just stays in her diaper and I don't check but sometimes, I think she does pee.  Anyway, I just want her to get used to the idea of sitting on it.  So this time, I wasn't really expecting anything since she had just peed herself but she looked like she was concentrating.  And a few seconds later, I heard it!  That tiny little trickle hitting the plastic!  It was hardly any pee, like barely a teaspoon maybe.  (No, I didn't measure it!)  But it was still pee!  In the potty!!  And Eggy put it there!!!  
We still have a looong way to go but I'm just so excited because maybe it means that Eggy is starting to get it.  Or maybe it was just good timing.  Who knows?  It might be another month before Eggy will even go near the potty again!  Still, we're on our way. 


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