November 20, 2010

Letter to Santa

Did you know there are only 35 days left until Christmas?  How can this be?  

So anyway, Eggy decided she better get started on her letter to Santa because she wants to make sure he gets it in time.  She had a lot of demands.
Miss Greedy writing on the back side too
Wow!  Good job, Eggy!
Basically, she wants a 60" LED HD TV for her room so she can watch Elmo, Mickey, and the whole gang on Nick Jr. all day long in peace.  She also asked for world peace and an end to world hunger.  


Lazy For You said...

She even used Christmas colors! Love it!! I love watching Eggy grow up even though I've never even met her. Soon...very soon. Are you gonna visit J anytime soon? I can try to meet you there :)

Eggy Umma said...

I just saw her last weekend! She told me you were there earlier in the week. Darn, we missed each other. I would loooove to meet your W. He is adorable-ness.

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