October 1, 2010

Happy 18 Months!

ONE AND A HALF!!  How can this be?!!  That means Eggy is closer to two than she is to one.  When did I become the mom of an almost two year old?!

This past month has been all about Eggy's independence.  She wants to do everything on her own lately.  It's nice that I don't have to do as much for her but it takes longer to do stuff because she insists on doing it herself.  

You should see her going up the stairs.  Instead of climbing up on her hands and knees, like normal babies, she wants to walk up the stairs like an adult.  Only someone has to hold her hands and kind of help hoist her up.  It's really funny because she's leaning so far back and she just kicks her legs out while she walks up the stairs.  
 If someone is cleaning the floors, she has to do it instead.  Maybe she's just trying to help out with the chores?  So helpful!

Anyway, life with Eggy is just fun fun fun.  Oh, she cracks us up all the time!

But along with all this fun comes the attitude.  Being a parent tests your patience like nothing else.  And it's EVERY DAY.  When I call for her, she will deliberately ignore me.  She'll just turn and face the wall and pretend like she doesn't hear me.  She is such a punk ass.  Her whining is the worst though.  It gets especially bad when she's with her dad because the big wuss gives her everything she wants.  I guess we know who's going to be the bad guy when it comes to disciplining Eggy.  Yeah, the terrible twos are going to be so much fun.

The three words that Eggy says the most are bye-bye, appah, and umma.  But these words have like different meanings.
Bye-bye is probably her favorite.  She won't say hi to people but she will tell them bye-bye.  And if she's done with something or if she doesn't like something, she says bye-bye.
Appah means daddy or open.  Sometimes, when the phone rings, she says, "appah!" because she thinks he's calling.
Umma can mean me (mom), eemoh (her aunt(my sister)), or Elmo.  Sometimes, she just likes to scream, "Umma!!!" and I don't even know who or what she's talking about.  Last weekend, she was looking at a fish and she kept calling it umma and doing fish faces.
Did you see how she was totally staring at that boy at the end of the video because she thought he stole her shoes?  Eggy is going to be such the bully when she gets older.  

A few weeks ago, we thought that Eggy might be ready to just take one nap a day.  She'd sleep fine in the morning but she wouldn't sleep in the afternoon, just rolling around in her crib, awake.  I wasn't sure if she was going through a phase or what because we had the same issue right before she turned one.  I really like those hour long naps that she takes twice a day.  I NEED those naps.  So I was kind of bummed that she might just be down to one nap.  But on the other hand, that would mean we could get her out more without having to worry about getting her home in time for her naps.  So we tried it.  I was hoping for one long nap consolidated to two hours but she'd only sleep for about an hour.  And even though she still slept 12 hours at night, she'd wake up crying a few times which she didn't do before.  I guess she's not still ready.  We went back to two naps again this week and she seems to be sleeping better.  Sometimes, she'll cry or whine a little when I put her down for her naps but at least she's not waking up crying any more.  Trying to figure out this whole sleep thing is tough, even a year and a half later.

Can't wait to see what the next month brings!


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