October 11, 2010

Yay! to Boo!

This morning, I took Eggy to Target.  All I had to get was some bread.  Instead, we were there for almost an hour, just playing with the toys.
I think Eggy has like three pairs of sunglasses already at home.  This is the first pair that she wore willingly.  She even got mad when I took it off because I thought it might be uncomfortable.  She insisted on wearing it the entire time we were in the store.  So I bought them.  I think she liked them because they actually fit her.  The other ones were too big or too small.  

Unfortunately, the rest of the day was not as fun.  Eggy had an appointment with the pediatrician this afternoon.  Dun dun dun!  She was fine until the nurse measured her head which was about 2 minutes into the visit.  Then, she cried again when the nurse measured her height because she didn't want to lie down on the table with the crinkly paper.  Afterwards, the nurse had me put Eggy in a hospital gown.  
I didn't even know they had gowns this small.  I thought it was so cute until I thought of little babies or kids wearing these gowns in the hospital because they're sick.  Then, it made me sad.
Then, I thought it was funny.
Eggy was okay with the doctor though.  She cried a little bit but mostly because she didn't want to lie on the table.
Then, it was time for the shots.  Three total.  She also got the fluoride varnish for her teeth.  I had to pin her down while she was screaming and crying.  So not fun.  It was probably just as well that Eggy appah didn't come with us this visit because I just know he would have been useless.  I think Eggy hated that nurse by the time we left.  But she still managed to wave bye-bye to her.  She's got one more shot at her 2 year visit and then she'll be done until kindergarten.  Whew!  OMG, kindergarten!!

Anyway, her stats:
Height: 30.5"
Weight: 24 lb 4.8 oz
Head Circumference: 18.5"

Also, the doctor said we have to start weaning her off the bottle.  It'll be nice not to have to wash any more bottles but I'm not looking forward to the weaning process.  There's going to be a lot of tears and protests, I'm sure.  Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well.  


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