October 26, 2010

Reason #2

No offense to boys but you just can't do stuff like this with your son.  I guess you could but his dad would probably get mad.
Yup, I curled her hair.  I kind of want to get her a perm but it's probably not the best idea.  I highly doubt that Eggy would tolerate the rollers in her hair.  Plus, it'll probably make her face look bigger.  
But she liked it.  After I curled it, I told her to go look in the mirror.  She kept giggling and tossing her hair back.  She's so funny. 

Just when I wrote a post about Eggy being a daddy's girl, she decides she's over him.  Well, not really but she has her moments.  Like last weekend, Eggy appah and I were eating sandwiches and Miss Piggy decided she had to have a bite too even though she had already had lunch.  So Eggy appah gave her a few pieces of bell pepper from his sandwich and when he asked Eggy for one of them, she refused.  But when I asked her if I could have a piece, she let me have a bite.  So her dad asked her again and he was rejected again.  She even let her halmeh have a bite.  It's not just with food but her toys too.  She'll happily share everything with me but she won't let her dad have anything.  I swear I did not teach this to her.


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