October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch, Take Two

Yesterday, we took Eggy to another pumpkin patch.  
Yup, the same one as last year.  Look how much my baby's grown since then!

Unfortunately, Eggy was supposed to be napping during this time so she wasn't feeling too excited about being there.  Most of the time, she looked like this:
 This year, we took her on the train ride that goes around the park.
Then, we checked out the pumpkin patch.  
Maybe she had her fill of pumpkins at the first pumpkin patch but she wasn't as into the pumpkins this time.  No kissing or sitting on the pumpkins.  

Since Eggy wasn't feeling too cooperative, we have pictures like this instead.  

 But we managed a few good ones.

She liked this "horse" but when I sat on the one next to hers, Her Majesty told me to get off.  Ew, bossy! 

Here's a funny story: 
Eggy was sitting in this toy tractor thing and this little girl just climbed in next to her.  
Eggy took one look at her and decided she was not going to be out-diva'd.  She demanded her own sunnies even though she refused to wear it just five minutes prior.  
"Give me my glasses!"
Once she got her sunnies, she ignored the other kids, acting like she was too good for them.  That, my friends, is her Korean attitude in full effect.  

Anyway, I wish Eggy had been in a better mood so we'd have more pictures of her smiling and looking happy.  Lesson learned.  Next time, nap first, then pumpkin patch!
 See, isn't this one much better?


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