October 26, 2010

You're a weaner!

We started weaning Eggy off the bottle about a week ago.  It's been going okay, I guess.  She's adjusted to not having her milk right before bed pretty well but she doesn't like drinking her milk from the cup.  I keep giving her the cup but she'll only take a few sips before she gives it back.  So Eggy's probably drinking less than half the amount she usually drinks.  Hopefully, she get used to it soon.  It's soo nice not having to wash bottles anymore.  Stupid Dr. Brown and all those parts!
Since Eggy's not getting the bottle anymore before sleep, we've been holding her and rocking her instead.  Sometimes, it takes a little longer to put her down but it's kind of nice too.  It gives us a chance to cuddle with her.  One time, we even took a nap together.  Awwww....
This wasn't the nap but just a random morning where she let me hold her
Eggy appah was so jealous because she wouldn't let him lie down next to her, haha

Now, I just need her to learn to fall asleep outside of her crib and we're good!


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