December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

With our new home being completed in just a few months, the hubs and I have been trying to watch our budget.  So this year, we skipped getting presents for each other and we didn't even really get Eggy anything.  (We had already gotten our Disneyland passes and bought a ton of clothes for Eggy.)  Luckily, she has a lot of people who like to spoil her.  

All these presents are for her!

Hands down, this was Eggy's favorite gift.  It's a fruit and vegetable set by Plan Toys.  You can "cut" the fruits and veggies with the knife.  It's recommended for 3 years and up so Eggy doesn't quite have the skills to do the cutting but she loves it anyway.  
Right away, she tried to eat it.  
She loved it so much that she didn't want to open the rest of her presents because she was too busy playing.  
But she did get distracted with these other plastic fruit and vegetable toys by Melissa and Doug.
Still trying to eat the fake food
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I should have known these presents would be a hit with her.  Eggy loveloveloves her fruits and vegetables.

Like our matching family pajamas?

Later, we went to Ma-Ma's house for dinner with family:
A pro at opening presents now
Her other fave: an Elmo camera
Totally uninterested in other presents now that she's got Elmo
She got not just one stroller but TWO strollers!
Family pic

We also celebrated Sok Sok's birthday and The Rock's birthday.  Eggy couldn't wait to blow out the candles.
Thanks to The Rock for being so nice to share his birthday candles with Eggy.  

It was a very very good Christmas.  Even without any presents, I know Eggy would have enjoyed just spending time with the people who love her, as long as there was cake and birthday candles.  Just kidding.  


Lazy For You said...

I love LOVE the pajamas! It's like a dream of mine...but Phil would never agree to it :( Eggy is getting so big! When am I gonna meet her!?

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