December 13, 2010

How many times can I say poop?

My child is a pooping genius!  A prodigy on the potty!  Okay, not really but last week, she did go poop on the potty!  Okay, so I had to bribe her with an M&M but she did it!  Okay, so she won't do it anymore and keeps asking for the M&M instead but she pooped!  On the potty!  Not in her diaper!
Don't worry, I did not take a picture of it.  And even if I did, I'll spare you the image.  I'm sure you all know what poop looks like.
Anyway, now the little booger keeps faking me out.  She'll say, "poo poo" and so we run to the bathroom and as soon as she sits on the potty (by now, I still leave her clothes on because she's faked me out too many times), she asks for an M&M.  No, poo poo first, Eggy!  Oh well, at least she doesn't mind sitting on the potty.

Eggy is also very hygienically conscientious.  


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