December 16, 2011

Baby Names

Eggy appah and I are trying to come up with names for Baby Dos.  Boy names are hard!  Of course, I had like three names picked out if it had been a girl.
Anyway, for fun, I've been asking Eggy what she wants to name her brother.  Do not ask a two year old for advice on baby names!  At first, she would just say random things.  She even wanted to call him Bacon at one point.  But now she's found a name and it's sticking.  Eggy wants to name the baby Christopher after Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh.  I didn't even know she liked Christopher Robin, much less knew who he was.  I like the name and I like that she picked it out but I feel like Christopher is kind of long.  That's a lot of letters.  No, I don't want to call him Chris.  Plus, the hubs has a cousin named Chris.  We tried to make other suggestions but she keeps insisting, "No!  Christopher!!" Sometimes, it's Christopher Bacon.  lol.
I guess we'll see.  At least she didn't want to name him Eeyore (or Ee-ho as she says it).


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