December 15, 2011

My kid is cooler than me

We already know that Eggy is a better dancer than me.
And even though I'm the one dressing her, she's got cuter clothes.  She can wear things that I just wouldn't be able to pull off.
Waiting in line for Santa
She still loves to sing but now she's moved on to hipper material.  
Okay, so it's not like the coolest song ever but it's still pretty cool for a two year old.  She also recognized Adele's Someone Like You on the radio.  But don't worry, I'm not making her listen to anything too mature.  (Okay, maybe she might have heard a few Rihanna songs but definitely no videos!)  She still enjoys the age appropriate songs though too.  
And just as a bonus because Christmas is only ten days away, here's a video of Eggy, reenacting the boat scene from Tangled that I mentioned before.   


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