November 15, 2011

Conversations on the potty

Eggy (pooping):  (PLOP! splash!) A big one, like appah. (plop) Little one, like Eggy.  
A little bit later...
Eggy:  (Plop!)  That's you, umma!  I make it for you!  
Me:  Uhh, thanks....  
She knows what big and little mean but I really should teach her about medium size.  I don't like being compared to poop.  

Also, while Eggy poops, she likes to hold my hands.  For support?  I think she needs the help to brace herself.  Anyway, so she's pooping and holding both my hands and she says, "We're in a boat.  Like Rapunzel.  (She's talking about this scene.)  Sing the song, umma."
So, yes, we sang the song together.  
It's really cute when she does it with her dad.  Of course, he doesn't have to do it when she's on the toilet.  Instead, they sit on the changing pad together which is their "boat" and they sing it.  Except he doesn't know the words so she makes me sing it with her while I'm off on the side.  I get to be Pascal the chameleon while she's Rapunzel and her dad is Flynn Rider.  At the end of the song, she gives him a kiss.    I get nothing.  Except to smell her poop fumes.  


Lazy For You said... cute! Poop support. You're a good mama. I can't believe she's almost three!! So happy I finally got to meet her! ADORABLE!

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