August 11, 2011

Meet Shooby

The newest addition to our family and Eggy's new BFF

It was love at first sight.  She named him herself.  The first night Shooby came home, Eggy was playing with him and throwing him up in the air.  Then, it's like she just realized something.  She holds Shooby up and asks me, "Where's his coochie?"  Hahahahahahahahaha!

Unfortunately, Shooby's deflated quite a bit since we first brought him home.  It might be time for us to send him to the "farm" soon.  :'(


Stephy :) said...

ooooommmgggg she is sooooo BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) awwww how cute..i miss her! shes adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol !

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