April 7, 2010

A typical day

One time (at band camp), my friend Jamo asked me what I do when I'm home with Eggy all day.  I don't really know.  

Some of the things Eggy likes to do (some of these are old pictures/videos):
  • Practice walking
  • Torment Play with Toby
Yes, those are socks. Toby's weird and only likes to play with socks when he's not too busy sleeping.
  • Dance
  • Hang out with the homies

  • Watch TV
  • Read books
Sometimes, she'll "read" her own book while I'm reading mine. Or she'll want me to read a book and then she'll go off and do something else, not even paying attention. If I stop reading, she comes back and tells me to keep reading. So bossy! I am not your bitch.  If I keep reading, it's because I feel like it and I want to find out if the hippopotamus joins the animal pack so there!
  • Go outside for walks

  • Admire herself

  •  And generally, just make trouble

I know.  My life is so exciting.  


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