April 9, 2010

12 Month Check-Up

Height: 29 inches  (44th percentile)
Weight: 19lb, 9.6 oz (24th percentile)

Someone wasn't too happy about this morning's visit to the pediatrician.  Even during the doctor's exam (before the shots), Eggy would scream and cry.  I had to hold her down so he could check her out.  Eggy appah was very little help because he was more worried about her crying while I was like, let's get this done.  The doctor was like, "I guess I know who the pushover is.  Haha"  I guess that means I'll be the lucky one that has to take Eggy to get her blood drawn.  crap.
Poor Eggy had to get four shots, one each in her arms and legs.  Ouch!  She got the MMR, HepA, Varicella (chicken pox), and pneumococcal vaccines.  She's got 3 more at her 18 month check and then she's done!  After her shots, she slept a lot but Eggy appah said she was in a pretty good mood for most of the day.  But she was really cranky and whiny after I got home from work.  Maybe she was still mad at me for taking pictures of her while she was crying.   
After the shots, damn, girlfriend was pissed.  She would not stop wailing until I played her a Moose and Zee video on YouTube.  In the car.  Then, she would yell at me every time it would end.  sigh.  I really am her bitch.  


Stephy said...

aawwww... she looks sad :( still cute!

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