April 1, 2010

Happy 12 Months!

Yeah yeah, we get it; you're one.  And no, I'm not a fob; I know the "s" is missing.  Eggy ripped it off and I couldn't find it.

Eggy's still not totally walking on her own yet. She still reaches for our hands when we try to make her walk. But she's getting there....
I don't know if it's because she's scared or what. I would say she's pretty cautious but sometimes, she can be a little daredevil. She likes it when I throw her in the air. And she loved the swing at the park the other day.
Maybe she's just lazy.

Since we had a big party, we kept it pretty low key for her actual birthday. Actually, we were going to have family pictures taken but it got postponed. It was supposed to rain yesterday and today so we cancelled the shoot. Wouldn't you know? It was nice and sunny the whole day. Stupid weather. I really wanted to do it on her real birthday too. Boo.

Instead, we went over to Grandma's (Eggy Appah's mom) house for dinner.  And of course, cake!
See, I told you Eggy can be cautious.  I think most babies would grab that cake with both hands and shove it in their mouth, right?  Not Eggy, she'd only poke at it.  
Maybe I might have put a little frosting on her nose to help her get started
which she didn't really like.
But once she tasted that frosting, she pretty much forgot about it.

My girl likes to share.


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