April 16, 2010


Last night, the hubs and I were talking about how Eggy's not really into affection. She doesn't like anyone to touch her hands (unless she's using you as her walker). She usually pushes us away when we try to cuddle with her. Eggy appah said that Eggy hugs her toys more than she hugs us, even her plastic toys!
This morning, Eggy and I were playing with her stuffed animals. I would put them to her mouth and she would give them a kiss. But then, Eggy leaned forward and kissed me right on the mouth. I didn't even ask her for a kiss. She just did it on her own. I think my heart exploded right then and there.
I don't have any good video of me and Eggy kissing but that's okay because she kissed me first. So you lose, Eggy appah! Bwahahaha!


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