April 5, 2010


Hope everyone had a happy Easter!  We went over to the hubby's aunt's house yesterday.  There's always a ton of kids over there so we knew it'd be a fun time.  There was an egg and spoon race, a water balloon toss, Easter egg decorating, an Easter egg hunt, and musical chairs.
Eggy, being so young, couldn't participate in a lot of the stuff but I think she still had fun.
Do you like her socks-with-sandals look?  What?!  It was colder than we thought.  And being bad parents, we didn't even have a jacket for her.  We had to borrow one from one of Eggy Appah's cousins.
Watching all the action from the best seat in the house

Now see this girl?  She's only two years old but she's so big!  She's almost as tall as the other girls twice her age. 
She's Eggy Appah's cousin's daughter (his second cousin?).  She cracks my shit up.  
She was so funny and cute.  Everytime a camera was pointed in her direction, she'd pose and smile.   
She loved her some Eggy too.  Or just babies in general, I think.  She kept coming over to hug Eggy and she'd ask if she could carry her.  Here she is, putting Eggy in a chokehold trying to pick her up.  Haha, look at my face in the background.

Eggy also caught up with Baby/Auntie O again, looking for a rematch from last Sunday.
Sigh, I hope Eggy learns to play nice as she gets older.  

Anyway, we all had a lot of fun.  Eggy was KNOCKED OUT on the way home from all the excitement.  
And I didn't even feel yesterday's earthquake.


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