April 30, 2010


Eggy is getting so conceited. Anytime I try to take a picture or shoot video of her, she has to see it. So it's hard getting anything good without her chasing me and whining for the camera. So annoying.

Eggy appah made this slideshow/montage of pictures and videos from her first year. It's like over 30 minutes long but Eggy will sit there and watch it. She is mesmerized. She'll laugh and/or cry along with herself on TV or the computer.
And the big picture frame thing we had made for her birthday? Well, right now, it's on the floor, leaning against the wall. We haven't hung it up. Anyway, Eggy will walk over and plaster her body to it, like she's hugging her pictures. Sometimes, she'll even kiss it. And that's not all. One time, I made the mistake of touching each circle thing and saying, "Yeppuh (which is cute/pretty in Korean)" and now she wants me to do it every time. She'll grab my hand and make me touch it. sigh
But she'll return the favor. If you ask her, "Umma/Appah/Whoever yeppuh?" she'll pat your face.
One time, I was taking her upstairs for her bath and we were following behind the hubs. I said, "Eggy, who's more yeppuh: appah or umma?" She said, "Umma!" and patted my face. =)


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