April 6, 2010

Eh, she's all right....

All parents think their baby is the cutest ever, right? Well, I think Eggy is cute and all but definitely not the cutest baby in the whole world. There are waaay cuter babies. Eggy Appah does not agree but I think that's because Eggy looks like him.
Anyway, I was looking at old pictures of Eggy and I just don't think she really was that cute when she was a newborn. Am I mean for thinking that? I'm not saying she was butt ugly but you should have seen her. She had a hairy back and dry flaky patches all over her body. And she was all orangey yellow because she had jaundice. Then she had baby acne when she was about 3 weeks old. Not so cute.
What's funny is that the hubs said, "How come she's not as cute as I remember? Yeah, she's not cute here."
Haha, I look back and I don't think she got that cute until she started chunking up, like around two months. And I also don't think she's as cute now as she was a few months ago. I'd say her peak cuteness was when she was 3 to 7 months, maybe even to 8 months. So that's it. Eggy's already maxed out on her cuteness. Oh well, you had a good run there Eggy. Too bad for you. I guess we'll just have to hope that you're smart.


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