August 22, 2012


Guess what arrived in the mail this week?

Eggy understands most of what her halmuni says but doesn't really speak Korean herself so I had to make sure she knows how to properly greet my grandmother and other relatives.  Ahn young ha sae yo!  I've also been brushing Eggy up on the Korean trends.  I taught her how to ppuing ppuing.

And I saw this video a few weeks ago but I knew it must be big when my parents and my non-Korean friend asked me if I had seen it.
So OF COURSE, Eggy had to learn it.  Otherwise, how else will she be the next K-pop Star?  Watch out, JYP!  Eggy's coming to Korea!

August 17, 2012


From the moment Eggy was born, everyone said she looked like her dad.  As she gets older, I think she looks less like him and a little more like me.  Not only that, she's starting to act like me too.  I guess it's inevitable that all girls turn into their mothers.

One evening last month, we walked to Panera for dinner.  We had some leftover baguette that we brought back.  I turn around to check on Eggy in the wagon and the little piggy had her hand in the bag, trying to get the bread.  Never mind that we had just eaten dinner.
Caught in the act -  too bad it's blurry
Asking appah to please get her some bread
I asked her if she wanted to go to Uncle Green Thumb's  wedding next month and she was like, no.  I told her there'd be cake and she was like, yeah, I want to go!  And she asked me the next morning if we were going to the wedding that day so we could eat cake. 

One time we were all eating dinner together and I was talking to Eggy appah about something.  And Eggy says to me, very bossy-like, "No more talking!  It's dinner time!  You have to eat now!"  Just because I'm always nagging her to hurry up and finish her food, I can't even have a conversation.  Psh!  Girl, if you're not eating, you're talking.  Seriously, I don't know if her meals take a long time because she eats so much or because her mouth is too busy talking and singing. 
Lunch at Costco
She ate almost half the pizza by herself!
A few nights ago, Eggy and I were hanging out and playing in her room before bedtime.  You know those glow stick bracelet things that you can connect together?  Well, she connected a few of them together so it was like a half circle and she put it under her chin so the ends were dangling down in front of her.  Then, she put one of the ends in a stacking cup and informed me that SHE WAS PUMPING.  Bwahahahahaha!!!  Wait, it gets better!  When I pump, she likes to "help" by turning it on and pushing the buttons so she asked me to push the button for her.  "Of course," I said.  And she started making the pumping noise, like errr errr errr.  Then, she said to push it again (because my pump has two modes) and she made the other sound.  I about busted up but I didn't want to embarrass her so I held it in.  After she was done "pumping" milk, she said she was going to pump juice.

August 9, 2012

Mug Shots

We're going to Korea in October!  Yes, the kids too!  We must be crazy.  But my parents and sister are going too so we'll have some help.  Otherwise, there'd be no way you could convince me that a 12 hour international flight with a 3.5 year old and a 6 month old is a good idea.  Even with everybody going, I'm still nervous.
But I'm excited too.  I haven't been to Korea since I was like 3 so basically, it'll be like my first time.  And I'll get to see my grandmother who I haven't seen in forever.  And all my aunts and uncles and cousins will get to meet Eggy and Bacon.  And my cousin just had a baby girl last February so I'll get to meet her too.

So anyway, that meant I had to get passports for the kiddos.

August 8, 2012

Bacon is 4 Months!

My hair has started falling out.  Damn hormones.  I remember a bunch of it fell out when Eggy was about 4 months old too.  Then, I started growing all this baby hair in the front.  I had to get bangs to help hide it.  Which reminds me, I need a hair cut.  

Bacon is such a moody baby.  Whining and crying one minute, happy and smiling the next.
He has this funny face that he makes when he gets mad or pouts.
Instead of sticking out his bottom lip, he makes this fish face and a growling/whining noise.  Maybe he is jealous of his noona's and appah's big full lips.  Bacon has such a little mouth.  

Bacon gets bored easily.  If he's laying down, he wants you to hold him.  Sometimes, if he's propped up on the Boppy pillow, he'll try to sit up, like he's doing crunches.  If you're holding him, he wants you to stand up and walk around, showing him the sights.  Fortunately, we still have Eggy's old exersaucer.  He seems to enjoy it which gives us a little break, at least for 5 minutes anyway.
Haha, I put a blanket underneath him because his feet get soooo sweaty.  

Maybe that's why he hates the carseat.  Like HATES it.  Sometimes, he'll be okay if I sit back there with him and give him a bottle but it's not comfortable sitting between two carseats.  And I obviously can't do it when I have to drive so i's been real fun on the days I have work and have to take them to halmuni's.  He won't even fall asleep like most babies do in the car.  He'll just cry and scream the whole time.  One time, he cried the whole way home from ma-ma's, all 40-something minutes.  It was brutal.  And when we get him out finally, he's so sweaty from getting all worked up so I'm sure that adds to his discomfort.  But then he'll stop crying as soon as we take him out.  

We stopped giving him his reflux medication for a few days because he hasn't really been spitting up so much.  He was doing pretty good the first few days.  A little bit of spit up but the normal amount that babies probably spit up.  But then he started throwing up a lot more and it was like curdled looking.  So we put him back on.  I'll have to see what the doctor says.

Probably the biggest milestone this month has been that Bacon's learned to use his hands.  Kinda.  He's not exactly grabbing things but he'll try and reach for them.
And if we put something in his hands, he'll bring it to his mouth.  

Bacon's 4 month check up with the pediatrician isn't until Friday so I don't know his stats yet but the scale at my mom's house says he's at least 15 pounds.  I think most of the weight has gone to his thighs.  He even has cellulite on his butt!  But his face or arms aren't that chubby.  

August 5, 2012

Single mom

Eggy appah was in Vegas this weekend for a bachelor party so I got to experience life as a single parent for a couple days.  (Well, I was staying at my parents' so I had a lot of help from my sister.  Thanks, eemo!)  It's freaking hard!  And it didn't help that Bacon had one of his worst nights last night.  He kept waking up every hour or so after 1am.  Sometimes, he'd wake up two or three times within an hour!  Horrible!  (I'm not sure but I think it's because we haven't been giving Bacon his reflux med for a few days and it's caught up to him.  He's been spitting up a lot more today and yesterday.)  But then I heard some sad sad news about my mom's friend's daughter who delivered prematurely and how her baby has all these issues.  And I can't even be upset about my one sucky night when I have two beautiful healthy kids.  
And in other happier news, my friend came over on Friday with her baby.  It was our first time seeing each other's baby.  (I'm going to call her KG for Kate Gosselin because they have the same hairstyle (before Kate got the extensions).  You can't tell from the pic but her hair is AWESOME.  And I thought Eggy had amazing hair when she was a baby.)  KG is only two months older than Bacon so I'm sure they'll be good buddies in the future.  Look, don't they look like they had a lot of fun?
Haha, my kids spent most of the visit napping but it was still fun to hang out with KG and her mommy.  KG seems way more mellow than Bacon.  I'm kind of jealous.  And also of her hair too.  It really is a sight to behold.
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