August 8, 2012

Bacon is 4 Months!

My hair has started falling out.  Damn hormones.  I remember a bunch of it fell out when Eggy was about 4 months old too.  Then, I started growing all this baby hair in the front.  I had to get bangs to help hide it.  Which reminds me, I need a hair cut.  

Bacon is such a moody baby.  Whining and crying one minute, happy and smiling the next.
He has this funny face that he makes when he gets mad or pouts.
Instead of sticking out his bottom lip, he makes this fish face and a growling/whining noise.  Maybe he is jealous of his noona's and appah's big full lips.  Bacon has such a little mouth.  

Bacon gets bored easily.  If he's laying down, he wants you to hold him.  Sometimes, if he's propped up on the Boppy pillow, he'll try to sit up, like he's doing crunches.  If you're holding him, he wants you to stand up and walk around, showing him the sights.  Fortunately, we still have Eggy's old exersaucer.  He seems to enjoy it which gives us a little break, at least for 5 minutes anyway.
Haha, I put a blanket underneath him because his feet get soooo sweaty.  

Maybe that's why he hates the carseat.  Like HATES it.  Sometimes, he'll be okay if I sit back there with him and give him a bottle but it's not comfortable sitting between two carseats.  And I obviously can't do it when I have to drive so i's been real fun on the days I have work and have to take them to halmuni's.  He won't even fall asleep like most babies do in the car.  He'll just cry and scream the whole time.  One time, he cried the whole way home from ma-ma's, all 40-something minutes.  It was brutal.  And when we get him out finally, he's so sweaty from getting all worked up so I'm sure that adds to his discomfort.  But then he'll stop crying as soon as we take him out.  

We stopped giving him his reflux medication for a few days because he hasn't really been spitting up so much.  He was doing pretty good the first few days.  A little bit of spit up but the normal amount that babies probably spit up.  But then he started throwing up a lot more and it was like curdled looking.  So we put him back on.  I'll have to see what the doctor says.

Probably the biggest milestone this month has been that Bacon's learned to use his hands.  Kinda.  He's not exactly grabbing things but he'll try and reach for them.
And if we put something in his hands, he'll bring it to his mouth.  

Bacon's 4 month check up with the pediatrician isn't until Friday so I don't know his stats yet but the scale at my mom's house says he's at least 15 pounds.  I think most of the weight has gone to his thighs.  He even has cellulite on his butt!  But his face or arms aren't that chubby.  


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