August 17, 2012


From the moment Eggy was born, everyone said she looked like her dad.  As she gets older, I think she looks less like him and a little more like me.  Not only that, she's starting to act like me too.  I guess it's inevitable that all girls turn into their mothers.

One evening last month, we walked to Panera for dinner.  We had some leftover baguette that we brought back.  I turn around to check on Eggy in the wagon and the little piggy had her hand in the bag, trying to get the bread.  Never mind that we had just eaten dinner.
Caught in the act -  too bad it's blurry
Asking appah to please get her some bread
I asked her if she wanted to go to Uncle Green Thumb's  wedding next month and she was like, no.  I told her there'd be cake and she was like, yeah, I want to go!  And she asked me the next morning if we were going to the wedding that day so we could eat cake. 

One time we were all eating dinner together and I was talking to Eggy appah about something.  And Eggy says to me, very bossy-like, "No more talking!  It's dinner time!  You have to eat now!"  Just because I'm always nagging her to hurry up and finish her food, I can't even have a conversation.  Psh!  Girl, if you're not eating, you're talking.  Seriously, I don't know if her meals take a long time because she eats so much or because her mouth is too busy talking and singing. 
Lunch at Costco
She ate almost half the pizza by herself!
A few nights ago, Eggy and I were hanging out and playing in her room before bedtime.  You know those glow stick bracelet things that you can connect together?  Well, she connected a few of them together so it was like a half circle and she put it under her chin so the ends were dangling down in front of her.  Then, she put one of the ends in a stacking cup and informed me that SHE WAS PUMPING.  Bwahahahahaha!!!  Wait, it gets better!  When I pump, she likes to "help" by turning it on and pushing the buttons so she asked me to push the button for her.  "Of course," I said.  And she started making the pumping noise, like errr errr errr.  Then, she said to push it again (because my pump has two modes) and she made the other sound.  I about busted up but I didn't want to embarrass her so I held it in.  After she was done "pumping" milk, she said she was going to pump juice.


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